Kanu Kitchen
Kanu Kitchens displays the unique stone veneered front which is a latest addition to Hacker product line

Hacker kitchen distributor Kanu Kitchens, manufacturer Metrika Kitchens, and lifestyle retailer Plüsch share their insights on kitchen design and fittings with Seema Gupta

Homeowners looking for the latest in modular kitchens, want a well-planned kitchen design that blends with the overall interiors of their home. The design should encompass built-in appliances, with cabinets and countertops in complementing colors, along with designer sinks and faucets, and smart lighting. In short, they want the kitchen to be stylish, yet exude warmth as a place for entertaining guests, and be functional for daily use.

Trending today are appliances that blend with the kitchen design such that they are not too visible, hardware and accessories in finishes such as gold and copper, wood paneling on walls, and countertops in granite, quartz and marble. In fact, many kitchen designers are opting for the eclectic look with a mix of materials and colours to create individualism. Finding favour are large but sleek kitchen cabinets, compact storage drawers with ample compartments, ergonomically designed fit-outs, and a pull-out dining space.

German kitchen brand Häcker is synonymous with the world’s finest kitchens. Combining cutting-edge technology with constant innovation in design and materials, it is the right choice for consumers looking for ‘luxury living with German engineering’. Brought to India in 2004 by Delhi-based Kanu Kitchen Kulture Pvt Ltd, Häcker is a specialist producer of modern fitted kitchens that fulfil the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality, durability and design. The sprawling 212,600 sqm meters single manufacturing facility at Rödinghausen, Germany, has a 92% computer-aided automated production facility, for enabling the highest level of precision and quality. Materials, surfaces, colours and styles are available in around 160 types. Finishes include laminates, veneers, real stone fronts, and lacquers in matte and high-gloss, in a range of colours. The kitchens are available across the country in places like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Ludhiana, Mumbai and Thrissur.

Says Director Kanu Kitchens AK Batra, “Kitchens have essentially become an area for integrated dining and living solutions in today’s modern times. Open kitchens are becoming a statement where emphasis is on quality, design and look. Hacker’s latest kitchen in bronze metallic lacquer makes for a sophisticated look yet adds luxury to the open cooking and living space. Planned down to the last detail for purist elegance, the cabinet niches and shelf solutions in Mocha oak veneer interrupt the exuberant bronze and relax the atmosphere.”

Hacker stone finish fronts are an innovation in the modular kitchen industry. The MDF board is coated with a slate veneer with the rear side and edges lacquered in black. Additionally the front is lacquered with a 1-2-component lacquer system as surface protection.

Hacker Kitchen
Hacker kitchen in structured metallic lacquer available in titanium, bronze and gold from Kanu Kitchens

This kitchen exhibits stone veneer in a handless range which creates an exciting contrast to the streamlined design with its unique, natural structure. Built-in appliances like refrigerator, coffee machine, combi steam oven, dishwasher and gas hob from Siemens add to the character and streamlined spatial concept.

The breakfast counter from Hacker in black satin lacquer creates additional spaces for integrated cooking and dining concepts. The raw look along with sophisticated design elements set the tone and make for a homely atmosphere.

“There are numerous ideas trending for creating an ultra-modern kitchen. Whether it’s the kitchen layout and design with in-built appliances and latest accessories, smart lighting or flooring, consumers want a focal point that brings in the unique factor in their kitchen. With technology being integrated, the kitchen has become even more user-friendly and adaptable. We call it the smart kitchen,“ comments Vasant Vasudev, Managing Director, Metrika Kitchens.

Metrika Kitchen
Metrika Kitchen

In the modular kitchen business for more than a decade, Metrika is today a specialist in creating kitchens suited to Indian conditions and usage patterns, and designed with international sensibilities using class leading components and fittings. Vasudev informs that formats like L shapes and island kitchens are currently the most in demand. Also trending is the natural look, with white ceiling lights and neutral colors that enhance the look and functional aspects of the kitchen. “The all-white look in cabinets is on top of the chart as the kitchen gives the impression of a clean, hygienic and clutter-free space. Neutral colors in hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, and furniture units that augment the kitchen design and bring convenience to the user, are some of the examples,” he says.

But what really contributes to the overall smooth functionality of a kitchen are the fittings in the cabinets, etc. Metrika uses hardware from German brands Hettich, Hafele, and Blum. For glass finish it uses Saint Gobain; finishing is done by ICA paints, and it also uses national brands like Merino.

Metrika Kitchen Solutions
The company’s pioneering ‘Kitchen At Your Doorstep’ solution allows homeowners to envision and select a state-of- the-art kitchen from the comfort of their home. The visiting Metrika sales team comes equipped with virtual reality and other 3D simulation tools, samples and catalogues that showcase the large variety of kitchen designs and colours to choose from. “Kitchen buyers are very clear that they want a unique kitchen design with elegant lighting and high-quality in-built appliances. Each Metrika kitchen can be fully customized to individual requirements without compromising on functionality and design,” says Vasudev.

Lifestyle retailer Plüsch has introduced German kitchen brand Eggersmann’s Works Concept to the Indian market. The emphasis is on the functionality of the kitchen along with aesthetics and design. Thoughtfully planned and designed, it offers solutions for the right arrangement, easily accessible kitchen tools, a well-structured layout, and short distances between the three kitchen stations such that work becomes easier.

“The Eggersmann’s Works Concept is ideal for an open lifestyle where living spaces seamlessly integrate with each other. Eggersmann is offering individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture, and can customize and personalize the kitchen suiting your style and personality. Their customization is also exemplary, with the flexibility to customize finishes for even a single kitchen, and to produce cabinets as per the requirement,” say Plüsch founders Hamendra and Rati Sharma.

Eggersmann’s Works Concept
Eggersmann’s Works Concept

Eggersmann kitchen collection is crafted in black stripes glass with modules in real wood veneer. It also has units in laminate with nano finish and soft touch effect. The kitchens use most advanced manufacturing technologies and traditional craft, along with sustainability as an important challenge. Cutting-edge design, use of exotic finishing materials, and superior industrial build quality of furniture, set the brand apart from others.

Sukriti Sharma, Director, Plusch informs, “The kitchen is the heart of the household, and Poggenpohl has always been a pioneer in the evolving design trends since 1892. Eggersmann Kitchens concept of the Work’s kitchen is a reinvention of the kitchen to enable it to become a workshop. The concept places emphasis on the functionality of the kitchen in addition to aesthetics and design. It offers easily accessible kitchen tools, and well-structured and short distances between the three kitchen stations. For countertops one can choose materials such as granite, quartz, corian, steel, glass or caeser stone, and for faucets and sinks brands such as Grohe, Dornbracht, Blanco etc. When it comes to fittings and cabinets, Poggenpohl and Eggersmann’s build quality is unbeatable. While Poggenpohl uses Blum patented for Poggenpohl, Eggersmann being a boutique luxury brand collaborates with the best in the market for their various cabinets.”