Rana Pratap Singh

Modular kitchens are changing from functional to fashionable, with optimum utilization of space, and even a sit-down provision. Rana Pratap Singh, MD, Miele India Pvt. Ltd.

Smart appliances like ovens which preserve the moisture and nutrient value of food, feather-touch kitchen drawers, and appliances which you can control with the touch of a button, are set to become more popular as Indian consumer is getting more lifestyle conscious.

Currently, the trend is to go for multi-functional, designer, and space saving kitchens. The focus is on built-in appliances that are not only aesthetically appealing and trendy, but are high on functionality. These include the Built-in Warmer Drawer which neatly integrates into a wall and is used to keep food warm as well as store utensils. Another wonderful example is the Steam Combi oven which can Grill, Bake and Steam at the same time.

Trendy Kitchens

Customers now prefer high-end modular kitchens that are rich in design finish and give optimum utilization of space. Also, kitchens are being considered as active living spaces and are much bigger in size with a sit-down provision. These kitchens are equipped with the latest AV gadgets as hosts are keen to entertain guests while making a special dish. It is equally important to make the kitchen high on functionality with appliances that can be technologically upgraded. The technology focuses on making products easy to use, futuristic, simplistic, recyclable, and eco-friendly with energy and water saving components.

Another trend is the emergence of the Dry & Wet kitchen concept. A Dry kitchen is an extension of the living space. It features lifestyle appliances that include a combination of Hobs like Tepan-Yaki, Induction Hobs, Barbeque Grill, Steam Ovens, Coffee Machine & Wine Conditioner Unit. The concept is to engage guests in interesting culinary conversations. A wet kitchen is where the messy part of the cooking takes place, and has a well-defined food storage space, dishwashers, hood, hobs, and water sink. In the coming years, the kitchen space will be increasingly used as a place to cook food and entertain guests at the same time.

Modular Kitchens

A new emerging trend is where the kitchen and living room merges, so a clear design statement is needed. Miele's new ArtLine series of built-in appliances dispenses with handles, and blends in seamlessly with flush furniture fronts, and interprets the concept of full appliance integration in a whole new way.

Our Smart Grid appliances automatically run at times when demand is at its lowest, thus, helping to solve energy problems caused by structural issues. The new technology is especially interesting when one considers that in the future, the electricity market will be increasingly dictated by supply and demand in many regions of the world, and that renewable energies will become increasingly significant. With Smart Grid technology, domestic appliances can automatically use the cheapest electricity tariff offered by an electricity supplier.

Integration is another big innovation in the kitchen. Integration is the ability of the appliances to interact with each other and be controlled by a single device. For example, appliances with 'Smart Connect' represent a new standard of networking for domestic technology components. A Smart Connect box is the switchboard for a host of diverse components. Customers can also use the very same box to control their air conditioning systems, or to use service offers via apps. Automatic programmes can be loaded via apps for ovens and can be used to cook a new special dish.

Miele products are high on quality, design and aesthetics because its product policy is constantly guided by quality, innovation and sustainability. All our products go through an endurance test in our test laboratory to ensure that they will stand the test of time and give unbeatable performance for at least 20 years. When it comes to premium product offerings, there are only a few brands in the world that have sustained their vision, traditions and quality for more than a century. Fewer still that can claim consistent family ownership and international brand name integrity, and only one that is recognized for creating the world's most innovative appliances.

Indian Kitchens

Miele has repeatedly been voted Most Trusted Brand by Readers Digest readers and has been awarded first place for best customer service several times by the German Kundenmonitor [customer monitor]. Miele stands for top-class results combined with minimum energy consumption.

As regards ergonomics, our range of built-in kitchen appliances, offer consistency in design lines and colour options to suit the most diverse of interior designs and kitchen furniture fronts. Great care is taken to coordinate appliance design across the range. We have considered products suiting different regions. With oily cooking in Indian kitchens we have specially designed a 10 layered oil filter which keeps the kitchen clean. We have specially designed a basket in dishwashers which can keep utensils that are an essential part of Indian kitchens. In India, we have a wok burner for Indian style of cooking. Our refrigerators and freezers are designed as per the Indian tropical and humid climate.

In India, we have products at different price points yet with the tried-and-tested Miele quality characteristics. A product from the Miele 'Prestige' class generally sets the benchmark in the relevant product category and appeals to an elite public with its premium price positioning.

The market is at a very initial stage and the best way to strengthen it further is to be associated with high-end kitchen makers. With Miele, quality is a given, so the idea behind creating brand awareness and recall is to offer 'wow' services as well.