The highly advanced technology for making particle boards is paving the way for eco-friendly panels as an excellent alternative to plywood. Indians, however, still continue to use plywood not only in their kitchen cabinets, but also in other furniture fabrication.

India continues to depend on plywood which enjoys almost 85% market share. This is mainly because of lack of awareness of particle board and its application in making panels etc. Unfortunatley, demand for low pricing by price consciuos buyers has made many manufacturers of particle boards to compromise on quality with the result that low cost particle boards are offering poor performance. This has affected users' confidence and trust in particle boards, so they continue to depend on plywood for their requirements.

Particle Boards for Kitchens

Durable and beautiful kitchens can be made from melamine-faced V313 particle boards available in 2440mm x 1220mm and in 2440mm x 1830mm on order for projects as well as OEMs

In sharp contrast to India, in developed countries and in many developing countries, the market share of plywood is a mere 15% and the share is reducing every year. In these countries, particle boards are used extensively because of their high quality that ensures users a long life of their furniture.

The latest resin technology is enabling particle boards to be made with very low thickness and no swelling (as indicated by a 24-hour testing). For instance, Hevea Board, through its in-house R&D has developed a low formaldehyde emission particle board; it meets the E1 as well as E0 emission levels, and there is no negative effect on the internal bond or bending strength of the board. Today, it has become the most sought after particle board with its improved performance and is considered a market leader for its strong focus on quality that makes it the ideal alternative to plywood for making kitchen cabinets, etc.

Hevea Board has allied with several short cycle laminating partners to cater to PAN India requirement for E1 and E0 low thickness swelling particle boards for fabrication of kitchen and other machine made furniture in varity of textures, colors and designs.

Says Nitin Vaze, C.E.O, Sleek Boards India LLP, "The industry needs to promote particle board by highlighting its strength, durability, performance and affordability. People are not aware that the melamine-faced, low-swelling, low emission particle boards are more economical by over 50% than the plywood + laminate combination, and they offer better finishing, speedier contsruction, and are more eco-friendly." Pune-based Sleek Boards is a leading company in India engaged in marketing a variety of technologically advanced particle boards, MDF and related products.