Hafele Built-In Hobs
Brand Nagold by Hafele brings its second generation of built-in home appliances under the 'J' Series - a sophisticated range that is completely integrated into a uniform design, colour and aesthetics. The 'J' series appliances make way for the 'black' statement in style, physical appeal and functionality. The colour black stands for power, elegance and technology – three integrated virtues of the J-series that are likely to take a significant position in your kitchen!

Built-in Hobs

J-series introduces a unique design in built-in hobs that is extremely suitable for Indian cooking patterns. Equipped with efficient supernova brass burners, these hobs are effortlessly aligned to the design philosophy of the J-series range, integrating power, elegance and technology to perfection. The unique design unfolds a never-seen-before combination of orange brass rings crowning the black-coated burners, the insulated black glass body and elegant metallic knobs – making way for a strikingly smart hob that fits seamlessly into your kitchen worktop. An ideal solution that caters to the unique styles of Indian cooking...

Built-in Combi-Microwave

With the Nagold J-Series Built-in Combi-Microwave you can now enjoy the utility of grilling and convection cooking from the same appliance! Cooking with Combi – Microwave is not only quick and healthy but with its new, improved technology it is also more precise as it is electronically regulated. What's more is that this model of combi-microwave offers 4 cooking functions: defrost, convection, grill and combination. With its elegant LED touch control panel and contemporary build, the Nagold J-Series Combi-Microwave integrates additional functions like auto menu, Permatron protection, auto-defrost, speed cooking and child safety lock.

Built-in Oven

Hafele Combi Steam Oven
The New Built-in Oven from the Nagold J-Series Range of Appliances combines power, sophistication and technology to offer the best of everything in a single power-packed model. It comes with 8 independent cooking functions to choose from and ensures complete functionality by allowing you to save your cooking settings for repeated cycles.

Made of high grade stainless steel, the oven is highly durable, adding a classy, futuristic look to your kitchens with its minimalist design and construction! This Built-in Oven represents Häfele's legacy of inspiration with the integration of sensor enabled touch controls and LCD electronic display panel. The oven is capable of performing simultaneously at multiple levels of roasting and baking while ensuring precision cooking with the meat probe and Rotisserie function. It comes equipped with a triple glazed glass door and a large viewing window to keep an eye on the delicious treatsset for preparation inside.

Combi-Steam Oven

With the world shifting towards following healthy living concepts and lifestyle options, it is just about the right time for you to choose an appliance that promotes healthy cooking and what better than the Nagold J-Series Combi-Steam Oven. Steam cooking enhances the nutrient retention in vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats thus making your meal not only flavourful but also extremely healthy. This combi-steam oven renders freshness and moisture to the food cooked inside enabling you to serve tender meats, colourful vegetables and restaurant-style breads. It also revitalizes the leftover rice and pulses. With the Nagold J-Series Combi-Steam Oven, you can cook two or more types of foods at once without the flavours of one food transferring to another. Besides these health benefits, the Combi-Steam Oven embeds the feather touch control technology together with additional functions like auto menu, auto-defrost, child lock and refillable water tank. With the ability to steam, light bake and grill, this is one of the most versatile equipment to enter a kitchen.

Warming Drawer

The Nagold J-Series Warming Drawer, made from Stainless Steel Grade 430 and black insulated glass, is extremely durable and robust in its operations. It is designed to perfectly match the minimalistic construction of the Nagold J-Series Built-in Oven. It has a maximum capacity of holding 20 Kgs or 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates, 3 serving bowls and 2 platters. The warming drawer extends as far as the depth of the drawer.

Cooling and Refrigeration

Hafele Nagold Refridgerator
Discover the seamless minimalist look and the sophisticated technologies laden into the Nagold J-Series built-in refrigerator that elevates the look and performance of your kitchen to a whole new level.

The Indian consumption pattern indicates that the consumption of fresh and freshly made food is still strong in India as compared to consumption of packaged or canned food. With the traditional design of refrigerators in India, the bottom-most compartments were the ones usually meant for storing fruits and vegetables while the top-most section functioned as a freezer to store occasional ice-creams, frozen peas etc. Since Indian cooking calls for abundant use of fresh fruits and vegetables, the user frequently required to bend down and pick their choice of produce causing great discomfort. Diverging from this age-old design, the Nagold J-Series built-in refrigerator is designed to cater to the primary needs of the Indian consumers through its contemporary layout of having the refrigerator section on the top and the freezer section at the bottom ensuring ease of movement and ergonomics.

The refrigerator provides you with a lavish capacity of 300 litres and has energy efficiency class of A++making it 40% more energy efficient than a standard A rated appliance. It blends impeccably with your kitchen cabinetry and complements your discerning aesthetic sense and changing lifestyle needs.


Hafele Ventilation
The Nagold J-Series' range of cooker hoods are fashioned with contemporary minimalistic designs coupled with the formidable black insulated glass exterior, easily making them the focal point of your kitchen.

The legendary tadkas, grilling and deep frying involved in the Indian cooking requires an efficient system to whisk away the rigid and pungent odours and grease emitted during the cooking process. The Nagold J-Series range of distinct and elegant cooker hoods are powered with robust Perimetric suction capabilities that free your kitchen from unwanted and unhealthy cooking smoke and residues; all that's left to sniff is the welcoming fragrance of appetizing delicacies!

The Nagold J-Series range of cooker hoods caters to all possible mounting options - wall mounted, counter mounted or island mounted; you can choose the one that best matches your needs and your kitchen layout. They ensure stress-free installation and once they find the right place in your kitchen, they call for very basic and effortless upkeep.