Häfele, at the IKB 2015, showcased a few of its new and innovative product ranges along with its existing range in kitchen fittings, appliances, and bathroom segments for the trade visitors, which also included renowned architects, who thronged the exhibition hall from all across the country. Below were some of the highlights at Häfele's booth that could gain visitors' attention during those three-busy days:

Blum – Aventos HK-XS:
Hafele Blum Aventos HK XS
Häfele introduces a new lift system under the umbrella range of HK Lift systems following Blum's AVENTOS HK-S: AVENTOS HK-XS. True to its name, HK-XS is a compact fitting for small stay lifts in high and wall cabinets. The condensed design of this new lift system ensures that cabinets with small internal depths can be equipped easily. The symmetrical lift mechanism can be used on one or both sides. Thanks to its narrow line of operation and minimalist style, AVENTOS HK-XS offers a high level of design freedom. This lift system is sealed with the Proven Blum Quality High where quality is ensured for the lifetime of the furniture together with high stability and durability.

Liebherr's Freestanding Wine Cabinet:
Liebherr Freestanding Wine Cabinet
The Liebherr wine storage cabinets by Häfele are ideal for storing wines for long periods of time to allow them to mature to absolute perfection. Liebherr's 3 Zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet (WTes 5872 Vinidor) offers ultimate flexibility and combines the advantages of both wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in a single appliance. It can simultaneously store red wine, white wine, and champagne – all at their optimum serving temperature as its three temperature zones can be set independently to the required temperature between +5°C and +20°C. What's more, the innovative LED lighting can be dimmed to bequeath the insides of the cabinet with a pleasing ambient light.

Häfele ICONIC Sanitary:
Hafele ICONIC Sanitary
Häfele ICONIC represents an elegant sanitary range that is designed to bring convenience, style, and leisure to your life at home. It includes washbasins and bathroom faucets closely inspired by nature from the house of Webert, Italy; the vibrant range of child-friendly washbasins, vanity units, and accessories from BOING, Spain; and an exquisite range of shower systems that comes with integrated light & sound for therapeutic appeal along with energy-saving self-generating bath faucets from Edelbad, Korea. Besides, Häfele's in-house range of showers combines the features of conventional shower systems with revolutionary technologies, transforming the bathing experience into pure luxury.

Nagold Combi-Steam Oven
Nagold Combi Steam Oven
Häfele's Nagold J-Series Combi-steam oven renders freshness and moisture to the food cooked inside enabling the user to serve tender meats, colourful vegetables, and restaurant-style breads. It also revitalizes the leftover rice and pulses. In the Nagold J-Series Combi-Steam Oven, one can cook two or more types of foods at once without the flavours of one food transferring to another. Besides these health benefits, the Combi-Steam Oven embeds the feather touch control technology together with additional functions like auto menu, auto-defrost, child lock and refillable water tank. With the ability to steam, light bake, and grill, this is one of the most versatile equipment to enter a kitchen.

Vauth Sagel: HSA Rotary Power Move
Vauth Sagel HSA Rotary Power Move
Häfele introduces its electric touch-opening mechanism for Tall Units – Power Move by Vauth Sagel. The HSA Rotary unit with the Power Move mechanism (as an optional feature) provides an enhanced experience of easy opening and complete access. The Power Move electric opening system allows the user to open the tall cabinet front at the slightest push of the hand as well as the cabinet front opens out which can be swiveled to the right or left to gain maximum access to the contents of the tall cabinet.