As buildings become more airtight to save energy, an unintended consequence is the accumulation of internally generated contaminants that cause deficient indoor air quality (IAQ) - a serious problem in all buildings since it negatively impacts indoor occupants’ health, cognitive function, productivity, and well-being. While natural methods of ventilation (through open doors and windows) are not sufficient, mechanical ventilation on the other hand is effective in controlling indoor air quality, excess humidity, and odour. Contaminants can often be controlled via dilution or replacement with outside air though humid climates require special ventilation systems for removing excess moisture from the air.

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems

Helios ventilation systems

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems enhance the indoor air quality of spaces with their well-balanced and efficient ventilation products.

Helios- ZEB (Central Ventilation Box)

This product has a robust casing made from impact-resistant polymer in light grey colour, three intake spigots and one discharge spigot, designed for ducting size of 100 and 125 mm, while one intake spigot is designed for ducting size of 100, 125, and 160 mm. There is a low-noise centrifugal impeller made from steel in an aerodynamically optimized spiral. Inlet is via the bell mouth.

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems


  • Variable power adjustment through 3 speeds by means of operating switch.
  • Motor protection through built-in thermal contacts, wired in series with the windings.
  • Automatic switch off and reset after cooling.
  • Totally enclosed ball bearing mounted external rotor motor protected as per IP 44, with humidity protection, insulation class B, for permanent operation, maintenance-free and interference free.
  • Motor/impeller unit removable for cleaning and service with one grip.


This compact, energy-saving central ventilation system is designed for use in residential and commercial buildings in indoor areas including bathroom, kitchen, storeroom, workplace etc.

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems
The Helios brand stands for quality and innovation; the mono tube ventilation systems, from their motor and control technology to the impeller, are completely developed and produced in Germany.

Rajesh Sachdev, CEO, Blutherm

Helios ELS - Monotube Ventilation

This powerful ultraSilence® ELS generates a record-breaking pressure of 260 Pa at 60 m3/h. It also allows the smallest pipe cross-sections for the main line and thereby increases the living space area. Despite so much power, the ultraSilence® ELS is astonishingly quiet. 35 dB(A) at V· = 60 m3/h is on the threshold of audibility and an unbeatable value of (LPA at AL = 10 m2).


  • Attractively designed ultraSilence® ELS has received globally recognised awards.
  • Compact size with smaller dimensions and holds a record for installation depth of just 89 mm.
  • A unique feature is that the impeller generates a lot of pressure almost inaudibly.
  • The barrier free and fully automatic ELS operates with motion sensors or automatic humidity controls.
  • All ELS models have a permanent filter that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • ELS is optimally protected against humidity. Installation in wet room zone 1 according to DIN VDE 0100-701 is possible without difficulty.
The ELS ultra silence model can be connected to multiple areas as well as to the WC.

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems

HELIOS KWL Ventilation System

A Balanced Ventilation System mechanically introduces fresh outdoor air into the interiors of a house at the same rate that the stale indoor air is exhausted from it. The heat recovery core allows energy/heat to be transferred from the incoming to the outgoing air, or vice-versa, in order to maintain the temperature effectively.

Blutherm’s German engineered Helios ventilation systems

How does it work?

Stale air with humidity, toxins and odors, is extracted from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets via valves to the heat exchanger in the ventilation unit. (Helios has an award-winning valve design). The outside air, which absorbs the heat energy from the extracted air with a tested efficiency of up to 90%, flows through this and is hermetically separated at the same time. This process can be optimized by connecting a ground heat exchanger. The air then flows through supply air valves or air inlets into the living rooms and bedrooms and creates a healthy and comfortable climate round the clock. Transfer elements ensure air circulation within the house. The exhaust air is released outside by passing through a roof or wall outlet.


  • Ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Ground-to-brine/air heat exchanger
  • Insulated ducting system IsoPipe® for intake and exhaust ducting
  • Air distribution system FlexPipe®plus for extract and supply air
  • Accessories like silencers, air intake and extract elements, etc.