Citadel Architectural Solutions
Citadel Architectural Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a company known for its innovative roofing products and providing turnkey installation services for the construction and industrial sectors, offers in collaboration with M/s. Dynaspec of Malaysia a unique Radiant and Vapour Barrier film for the Indian market.

This product is an alternative to the normally used glass wool insulation, replacing it with aluminium paper foil on the roof - under the metal sheets, and is primarily targeted at the industrial roofing segment.

Dynaspec Radiant & Vapour Barrier (DVRB) is installed in buildings to reduce heat gain and thus reduce building energy usage. Radiant and Vapour barriers usually consist of a thin aluminium sheet applied to one or both sides of a number of substrate materials. Dynaspec blocks 95 percent of the heat radiated down by the roof preventing it from reaching the insulation.

Dynaspec Radiant and Vapour Barrier
Dynaspec works by reducing heat transfer by thermal radiation across the air space between the roof decks. All materials emit energy by thermal radiation as a result of their temperature. The amount of energy emitted depends on the surface temperature and a property called the “emissivity”. Higher the emissivity, greater is the emitted radiation. A closely related material property is the “reflectivity”. This is a measure of how much radiant heat is reflected by a material.

Dynaspec can be applied to rigid insulation, structural sheathing, or, as one or two-sided reflective sheet material. They are installed by stapling and taping to the appropriate surface.

A roof exposed to the sun for a prolonged period will absorb a great deal of heat, sometimes reaching temperature in excess of 170° Fahrenheit. Radiant barriers can help prevent overheated roofs from warming the interior of a factory. Conventional thermal insulation can slow down radiant heat transfer, but will not stop it.