Dr. Fixit: Propagating High-Tech Solutions

With the launch of revolutionary building envelope solutions for roofs & walls, Dr.Fixit is providing solutions for better thermal insulation of the building. The brand aims to strengthen its low energy consumption systems and spearhead the propagation of modern solutions against the conventional approach
Sanjay Bahadur

Our endeavour has always been to provide innovative waterproofing and insulation solutions with zero maintenance, while being true to the environment, as it is becoming increasingly essential to create comprehensive solutions that are energy-efficient, and which help create sustainable structures

Dr. Sanjay Bahadur

The building envelope refers to the external walls, windows, roof and floor. Roofs and walls account for as much as 28% and 45%, respectively, of the energy loss in buildings. Good thermal insulation for the envelope is crucial to prevent heat from seeping in through the exterior. Most buildings, unfortunately, don't offer adequate thermal insulation for the building envelope, thereby, enhancing its energy usage, carbon footprint and lifecycle costs.

The range of Low Energy Consumption System solutions introduced by the company include Dr.Fixit LEC system, Dr.Fixit Blueseal system, and lightweight concrete under roofing solutions. For walls, the brand offers Smart wall insulation finshing system (SIFS), External insulated finishing system (EIFS) and Lightweight wall plaster. These systems enhance the building's lifecycle by providing better insulation and reducing the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Dr Fixit
Says Dr. Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries, "We foresee a paradigm shift in construction practices, and, therefore, with the high technology products available under our Dr. Fixit brand, we are spearheading the propagation of modern systems and solutions. Buildings are one of the largest energy guzzlers in an economy where power is short and there is growing demand for industrialization. The recommendatory ECBC building code has been put in place by the government and this is likely to see greater acceptance. The thrust is to create energy-efficient, comprehensive, sustainable structures at optimal cost and which minimize the production impact on the environment."

The Construction Chemicals Division offers a wide range of applications such as Waterproofing, Repair Solutions for existing structures and Tile Fixing Solutions, besides applications like Exterior Coatings, Sealants, Concrete Admixtures, Floorings and Grouts to meet all construction-related problems.

Pidilite, a dominant player in the Construction Chemical Industry, forayed into retail to ensure that the latest in construction chemical technology would reach the common man. The company further enhanced its customer-centric policies by being the first in the industry to start an in-house Technical Services Cell, which assists customers in diagnosing the problem and selecting the right product. All these efforts are supported by the company's R&D centers in India and Singapore and its 6 manufacturing facilities. 
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