INSUsound Xlo For Internal Duct Lining
HVAC equipment for a building is one of the major sources of interior noise, and this noise comes from the main fans, flow of air through the system, and flow through diffusers. Most sound or noise is generated via rotating equipment and air and fluid movement through ducts and pipes. This movement creates vibration and noise. In fact, noise is a key parameter in measuring comfort level provided by HVAC system, in addition to temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. Control of HVAC system sound and vibration are of equal importance. Apart from causing discomfort to the occupants, they also create secondary radiation of noise from vibrating walls, floors, piping etc.Therefore, installing a suitable sound-absorbing liner inside the air ducts is an exceptionally effective way to reduce this air-borne noise and improve the acoustics in the building.

INSUsound-xlo manufactured by Supreme Industries is an ideal product for sound insulation application in HVAC ducts. This non-fibrous, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked fire-retardant foam has excellent sound absorption characteristics that are ideally suited in duct lining application.

INSUsound-xlo is a range of high-performance engineered open-cell XLPE foam specially designed for applications that require enhanced sound absorption properties. Due to its open-cell structure, INSUsound-xlo allows effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range. Also, its high air flow resistance offers beneficial sound transmission loss properties. Unlike conventional products, INSUsound-xlo does not disintegrate or particulate, thus making it a suitable material for 'clean room' applications also.

It is suitable for application in duct internal lining, plenum area lining, pipe lagging, gaskets, AC equipment insulation and room acoustics. It is ideal for shopping malls, multiplexes, airports, BPOs, gymnasiums, commercial complexes, conference rooms, offices, hotels, banquets, concert halls etc.