INSUmelfoam, an acoustic insulation manufactured by Supreme Industries, has excellent sound absorbing properties.
Supreme Soundproof Insulation
Soundproof insulation of walls becomes necessary to protect oneself from the common problem of domestic noise pollution and noisy neighbours. For example, if you have a deaf neighbour, you are left with multiple problems to tackle – one, your neighbour will always keep his TV and music player in high volume due to his hearing problem causing noise pollution, and secondly, he will not be able to listen to your problems due to the same reasons! The only solution you will have then is to soundproof your walls! Leaving aside the humour element here, without adequate acoustic insulation or soundproofing, many people have their privacy constantly invaded by noisy neighbours.There are various sources of noise like homes under flight paths or near busy roads, between floors of multi-storey homes, rooms adjoining kitchens, laundries and garages or home theatres and entertainment rooms.

Soundproofing insulation of walls is a valuable, even invaluable tool in the battle to isolate sound. Adding insulation absorbs sound that is trying to pass through the air in the cavity, but has no effect on structural noise.Though there are various insulation materials available for soundproofing of walls, INSUmelfoam, an acoustic Insulation (Melamine Foam) manufactured by Supreme Industries, needs special mention because of its excellent sound absorbing properties.

Supreme INSUmelfoam
INSUmelfoam, produced from Melamine resins – a thermo set polymer, is a unique, flexible, non-fibrous open-cell foam, processing a combination of low weight, a Class '0' non-flammable fire specification and having good sound absorption properties. It has superior fire, temperature, and chemical resistance properties as compared to other products.Further, it is non-fibrous with three dimensional filigree network structure which ensures safety in any environment.

INSUmelfoam has ultra low density, is lightweight and is available in different thickness with varying acoustic properties. It is easy to cut and install and is suitable for hot as well as cold insulation. It finds applications in HVAC, wall and ceiling panels for office and conference rooms and plant rooms, enclosure lining and suspended absorbers, engine rooms and accommodation areas, theatre and cinema auditoria, lecture halls and many more. In short, in a noisy world INSUmelfoam is a worthy companion.