Burosys robust desking and seating products are designed, patented and manufactured from high-quality recyclable materials that are engineered using high pressure extrusion and die cast machines. Moving away from the standard desk and chairs models, Burosys is constantly evolving to provide designs featuring connected spaces with occupancy sensors, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers and Refrigerators embedded in Coffee Tables, Flushed USB points, automatic sensor-based task lighting, IoT (Internet of things) embedded in the desking systems, and much more. At the same time, these designs can be further customised to suit the needs of their customers.

Workplace Furniture Design

Research has shown that long hours of sitting causes discomfort and various health issues. Our solutions include Health Reminder desk and Height adjustable desk for physical healthiness and vibrant work experience: Sit-to-stand posture rotation helps in optimizing productivity of employees.

Hersh Pitroda

The buzzword for the upcoming trend in Office Furniture is acoustic. First it was ergonomic, then agile, and then sustainable; now, we have almost become quite refined in our approach towards our fellow employees. Their space needs to be in tune with their needs, and behavioural architecture is finally seeing the limelight and the fruit of their research is taking physical form in public spaces and large organizations where impact can be significant

Hersh Pitroda, co-Founder, Burosys

There are three modes to remind sit-to-stand rotation: Push Notification is a mild remind without interrupting work, a pop-up will come on the smart phone screen. Desk Vibration is a standard reminder that cannot be missed, it vibrates the entire desk and lifts a little bit. Automatic is a fully automated sit-to-stand rotation; the desk will adjust automatically on schedule.

Height adjustable system

Smart Height Adjustable Desk: Height adjustable desking has an industrial design that aims at simplicity and is a match for first-time standing desk users, dynamic workspaces, especially co-working spaces, start-ups and standard offices. Height-adjustable desks allow workers to easily change postures from sitting to standing height throughout the day, which can positively impact physical health.

Automatic Notification Vibration

We create products with phenomenally engineered components, thoughtfully curated design, and we combine technology. Although our product is a derivative of industrial design, mass produced, it is still made using highly sustainable or recycled material such as Aluminium PET Felt. PET felt is recycled from plastic bottles. Not only is the material composition ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and long lasting, but it’s also engineered in a way that it can be re used and shaped, so that there is no wastage. Our prominent clients are Reliance Industries, HSBC, Indiabull, Uber, NMIMS, Taj Group, Indian Oil, Mercedes Benz, Cleartrip, RBI, Mahindra Ltd, Sunpharma, Suzlon, amongst others.