Summer Furnishings

Monika Doshi

Indians like cosy homes where functionality takes precedence over style; they are extremely practical and lean towards products that are easy to maintain

Anna Simona
By Monika Doshi, Creative Director, Anna Simona

Scandinavian inspired styles are extremely popular at the moment, especially with the Indian summer season round the corner. While the classic Scandinavian layout sees the use of classic colours like white, grey or beige, once can add a twist with calming hues like pale purple, rose quartz and serenity, which are soothing to the eyes. Digital prints and florals are in vogue currently, and one can ‘mix and match' styles and an accent colour to break the monotony. All our furnishings are crafted from cotton mixed with silk, satin or polyester, which look opulent but are extremely easy to maintain.

Scandinavian Anna Simona
Different elements like lighting, flooring texture, wall colours while planning the interior design of any place, are factors that need to be incorporated to create an interior décor that has a harmonious feel. In a small room, use of light colour and smooth texture flooring always creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Colours help in creating a different mood in every room. Furnishings should be selected keeping the look and practicality in mind, as well as to create a space that reflects the personality of the residents. Poor lighting can completely ruin the look and mood of a room.

Elanor Bed
Always remember, less is more. Avoid excess use of any of the elements. Luxury is all about simplicity. Avoid monotony, get some unusual decor pieces that create an interest factor in the room. Visually balance the elements, avoid too many products on the floor, instead balance it vertically and horizontally to create harmony.

Textures are used to enhance a room's features and to provide dimension. In a small room, furnishing with smooth, shiny surfaces, impart a reflective quality and give the space a sense of natural light. Conversely, in a bright, large room, layered effect or coarse textures help balance the excess of natural light. In kids' room, bright and playful hues and textures are preferred, whereas in a living room, furnishings that give a feeling of homeliness and calm vibes and are pleasing to the eye, should be incorporated. Hotels should have a non-intruding ambience, so the colours need to be in a muted palette, with fabrics that are luxurious, yet breathable.

Summer Furnishings Anna Simona
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