Everest Industries Limited; one of India's fastest growing building solutions companies; has launched environment-friendly Access Floors. This intelligent flooring system provides an integrated flooring system for all hi-tech buildings, warehouses and offices. Integrating the technological advancements, access floor is a cost- effective way of providing a new look to one's work area as these are convenient to dismantle and install.

Everest Access Floor System serves as an intelligent solution to the growing demands by providing manageable infrastructure for changes in office layouts and technology deployment. With enhanced environmental performance, it creates integrated flooring systems that are environment-friendly, cost-efficient and an easy to adapt with minimal down time and disruptions to the occupants.

Everest Access Floor

Access Floor offers a number of advantages over the conventional flooring options. It assures a great sustainability as these are non-combustible, strong and lightweight for handling ease. It also promises safe and excellent grounding and electrical continuity. These floors not only reduce disruption during configurations by 50-80% but also reduce wiring costs from traditional cable management practices for the proper cable distribution. It has a modular wiring systems which provides an ultimate flexibility and accessibility in terms of telecom/data services and power connection configurations to provide a clean power supply.

Stating the need for Access floor Systems, Manish Sanghi, MD Everest Industries Limited said "Rising material costs and green legislations for environment conservation coupled with time constraints are changing the face of modern day architecture. The frequent changes in expansions and reconfiguration of workspaces are demanding cost- effective yet stylish and useful interiors for work places, and access floor systems are best suited for this."

Everest Access floors are available in various finishes such as Steel raised floor with cable tank, Anti-static European style composite raised panels, Calcium Sulphate Panel etc. Steel raised floor with cable tank are designed for easy laying of cables such as that of computer, air-conditioner, TV, telephone, fax machine etc. While Anti-static European style composite raised panels are specially designed for Computer rooms. This kind of panel features anti-static properties and durability while adding to the aesthetics and convenience for maintenance. On the other hand, the Calcium Sulphate Panel provides maximum stability and high performance floor loading. It also offers cost-effective design solution for the requirements of different kinds of offices.