Company Logo created with Concrete Dyes on a concrete floor
Concrete flooring has come full circle in India. There was a time when concrete terrazzo flooring was the top choice for decorative flooring. If one visits bungalows built in the 1950s and 1960s in India, it is very common to find terrazzo flooring. As time progressed this art of laying terrazzo floors slowly died out and was replaced by the other flooring options available today such as marble, granite, tile etc.

Concrete flooring is now slowly making a comeback albeit in a different form. Thanks to advances in technology and processes it is now possible to pour an ordinary grey concrete floor and convert it into a beautiful colored concrete floor. Surie Polex manufactures special grinding machines and diamond tools and offers Ameripolish concrete dyes and densifiers to achieve these results.

The design possibilities are endless and just about anything that can be imagined can be created on the floor. It is not only possible to use different colored dyes in different areas but also possible to create intricate patterns, this is due to special stencils. Another exciting possibility with concrete dyes is putting company logos on the concrete floor.

A brief overview of the process is as follows:
  1. Pour a grey concrete floor and finish it as flat as possible.
  2. Wait 28 days for the concrete floor to achieve full cure.
  3. Grind the concrete floor with metal bond diamond tools.
  4. Grout the floor as necessary to repair pin holes and air pockets.
  5. Hone the floor with 200 and 400 grit resin diamond pads.
  6. Densify the floor
  7. Dye the floor with concrete dyes once after 400 grit and then again after 800 grit.
  8. Polish the floor upto 3000 grit.
  9. Apply Stain Protector and burnish the floor to high gloss.
Surepolex Surepolex
Dyed & Polished Concrete Floor 3D Effect created on concrete floors with Stencils

Depending upon the area of the floor small, medium and big machines are available to do the job. The concrete dyes are available in 24 standard colours which can be further mixed as desired. It is important to note that even when we fix marble, tiles etc. we still need to use concrete as the sub base. By deciding to finish the concrete floor and then polishing it we are saving the time and money of buying and fixing marble or tiles. Whether it is a house, office, showroom or a retail outlet people are appreciating the ease of getting beautiful designs on grey concrete floors and of course the durability. The best part is that concrete floors are green and eco-friendly and eligible for LEED.