Based on extensive R&D, HomeSure has pioneered tile adhesives that are superior in quality and performance, offering the power of 4 Aces: Application, Adhesion, Aqua-Safe, and Accessibility. They are designed to meet all tile application demands, providing a strong bond regardless of the substrate or tile type, and leaving no mess behind, and come with the following features and characteristics:

The Power of Adhesion: HomeSure TileEx Tile Adhesive is a fine paste that uniformly spreads across the tile, forming a consistent bond and a firm base across the entire surface. Unlike cement, which shrinks and leaves voids after drying, this adhesive ensures a solid connection without any weak spots, drastically reducing chances of chipping or cracking.

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The Power of Super Easy Application: The adhesive offers a pre-mixed solution that guarantees consistent quality and is ready to use in just three simple steps: Mix – Spread - Fix. With this premixed adhesive, there is no need for tedious ratio checking, evaluation, or quality verification, as the quality remains standardized. The adhesive can be applied quickly and efficiently using a notched trowel for a hassle-free experience. It does not require water curing, allowing tiles to set faster, thereby expediting the installation process.

The Power of Better Accessibility: HomeSure offers a wide range of adhesives to cater to different needs. Whether installing clay, ceramic, vitrified, glass mosaic tiles or natural stones there’s a specific HomeSure TileEx Tile Adhesive for each product type or application. This diverse range ensures that you have the right product for your specific application, regardless of the tile or stone type.

The Power of Aqua Safety: HomeSure TileEx Tile Adhesives are polymer-enriched, giving them an underwater shear bond property that makes them aqua-safe. This means that they maintain their integrity even when exposed to water, making them an excellent choice for areas that may come in contact with moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

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While cement may seem cheaper upfront, but HomeSure TileEx Tile Adhesives, by reducing wastage, frequent repair and labour costs, offer more value for money solutions. By choosing the right tile adhesive and following proper installation techniques, you can transform your living spaces and make them longer lasting.

Kaushal Mehta, MD, Walplast Products

Adopting The HomeSure Way

HomeSure TileEx Tile adhesive is an essential component in any successful tile installation projects. The Power of 4 Aces makes it a popular choice among homeowners and professionals. Today, HomeSure TileEx Tile Adhesives are leading the way in tile installation, providing a solution that outperforms traditional cement in every way.