Gaurav Saraf, Joint Managing Director, SquareFoot, discusses the new trends in flooring, especially the demand for eco-friendly options, which the company is meeting with its flooring systems made from recycled and renewable materials.

the new trends in flooring

What new trends are impacting the residential flooring segment of India?
The Indian floor-covering industry has been passing through an exciting period due to the influx of newer materials, more advanced technology, and specialized machinery. Increasing emphasis on quality and adherence to strict deadlines, while sticking to the budget, are factors that are driving the flooring industry.

The cost-conscious consumers are demanding value and comfort in their flooring options. This is driving flooring manufacturers to focus on ergonomics and economic design, and products that are low-maintenance, stylish, and easy on the budget.

As consumer interest in eco-friendly flooring solutions has grown, so has environmental awareness. Thus, there is an increased demand to manufacture sustainable flooring solutions. Today, almost 70% of our entire range comes from sustainable sources. Wood products are from FSC/PEFC certified manufacturers and in vinyl and carpet we have the highest recycle content in the industry.

the new trends in flooring
We believe that emphasis on product performance, cost, installation, and environmental sustainability drive innovation in the market; hence, SquareFoot strives to deliver products that meet all these requirements.

Gaurav Saraf

Customers want flooring products that will hold up over time and are prepared to pay extra for quality. More and more consumers are therefore choosing high-end and luxurious flooring options like stone and hardwood. They are also looking for flooring solutions that are moisture-resistant as the climate changes and monsoon rains become more frequent. Products like ceramic tile, vinyl, and laminate fall under this category. They want flooring that can work flawlessly with their home automation systems as smart home technology becomes more prevalent. This applies to items with remote control, such as heated floors.

What are the new design and manufacturing technologies being used?
Innovation and technology have given rise to manufacturing techniques like digital printing and laser etching. These technologies now enable us to reproduce finely detailed imagery with vivid hues and intricate patterns, and engrave complex designs and patterns on flooring surfaces. The whole process of manufacturing can be automated using technology to a large extent, which makes the entire process simple and hassle-free. Waterjet cutting technology is yet another innovative development that enables us to cut materials into specific forms and sizes, resulting in accurate flooring solutions that fit the requirements of the customer.

the new trends in flooring

What does your company’s product range comprise of?
Our popular product categories include solid wood floors, laminate wood floors, engineered wood floors, vinyl floors, and carpet floors, besides indoor sports floors and outdoor flooring options.

Our wood flooring options are very versatile. Our engineered wood floors have all the traditional aesthetics of solid hardwood; our solid wood floors are easy to maintain and provide a homogenous look; and our laminate floors feature high-resolution photographic images of natural wood flooring without the use of actual wood, making them environmentally friendly. Our water resistant Ecofit flooring offers good design along with functionality, especially in the Indian context wherein we enjoy a temperate climate. Our wood floors incorporate motifs from European, Greek and Roman structures, which add artistry to interior spaces.

Our vinyl flooring options are well suited for commercial spaces as they cater to varied demands like resilience to foot traffic, bactericidal surfaces, sensorial and functional needs, and moisture-resistant finishes. Our carpet flooring solutions are ideal for office spaces; their cushioned surfaces are sound absorbent and aesthetic. Our Indoor Sports Floors are highly durable and well finished to meet sports performance with optimal safety and comfort.

What new flooring solutions is the company offering, including recycled products?
Our latest flooring solutions consist of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and linoleum which bring life to spaces with modern colours, patterns, and textures. LVT floors are the future of commercial spaces, as these floors are resilient to heavy traffic, eco-friendly, and provide long-term functionality.

SquareFoot and our carpet partner Desso, follow cradle-to-cradle principles where manufacturing waste is not added to landfills but recycled (100%). Today, we have an Ecovadis-certified plant in India where old carpet tiles are recycled as well. All our vinyl flooring, LVT and carpets are LEED (rating for green buildings).

the new trends in flooring

What are the features and benefits of SquareFoot flooring systems?
SquareFoot flooring systems can be quickly and easily installed without the need for additional tools or materials. They are designed to be extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Being waterproof, they can be used in wet or humid environments. The floors come in a variety of colours, styles, and textures, and require minimal maintenance, which makes them ideal for use in any room, including kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

SquareFoot flooring systems are a cost-effective, versatile, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Since they are made from recycled and/or renewable materials, they are an eco-friendly option.

SquareFoot is one of India’s most trusted flooring companies and has been operating since 1995 with more than 90 million square feet installed to date. The brand is present across India with stores, offices, and a dealer network in 65 cities. We have 11 display centres in all major cities. We are catering to residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, industry, school, retail, and sports applications.