Leading manufacturers like Greenpanel are making pre-laminated flooring popular in Indian homes by solving flooring problems with technology and some smart thinking

Dealing with flooring problems
Before we delve deeper, we would like to touch upon some of the common flaws with flooring. Though they look chic and luxurious, they are hard to maintain. The gaps in the panels mean dust and water seep inside. Not to mention the issues of scratches if you have pets. India being dusty, we are used to sweeping our floors more often. If your floor has gaps, chances of dust and moisture seeping in those gaps increases.

Many wood floors have bevelled edges or a V-groove. The process of bevelling results in the removal of the high-abrasive resistant layer and the decorative design layer, which exposes the inner HDF core of the flooring - making the HDF core highly susceptible to water ingress as well as accumulation of dirt.

Patented locking system
Greenpanel flooring has a unique angle-snap method of layout that fits the planks together at a 90-degree angle for a seamless finish. This prevents liquid and dirt to seep in, making the floors durable, and free of moisture and bacteria. All thanks to the PERMACLICK™ technology offered exclusively by Greenpanel.

Greenpanel Introduces Bacteria-Free Flooring

High quality, aesthetic flooring
The top layer of Greenpanel flooring comes coated with high quality aluminium oxide making it resistant to stains. Plus, Deurowood chemical sourced from Germany also protects the surface from dust. The abrasion rating of Greenpanel flooring is much higher than normal standard. It also has a lot to do with the superior manufacturing process like continuous press and use of High Density Fiber Board. Even creaking floors are taken care of.

One can choose from a wide range of premium and classic shades. Plus, all the designs are available in two finishes: open grain and crown finish