Rahul Bhugra, Director, Antica Ceramica, discusses the competitive features of Antica tiles and the company’s plans to increase production to meet the growing demand

Antica Ceramica

What are the current trends in tiles in India?
The tile industry in India is growing at a massive rate; there are a lot of designs and new sizes; for instance, a subway tile is sized from just 4x12 inches to 8 ft x 4 ft. In colours, pastels are quite in fashion for small format tiles, and customers even get an option of creating a replica of big designs.

Antica Ceramica has recently launched brown coloured tiles that add visual interest and offer contemporary design solutions for exquisite flooring. At Antica, we believe that neutral colours like black, brown, white, grey, or beige create the most welcoming interiors. These shades are predominant in nature and signify grounding, earthiness, and stability – making them the best choice for floorings. The collection comprises wood -and granite look tiles, artistically designed by skilled craftsmen. They come with unique textures, patterns, and finishes, while a safety glazed porcelain coating makes the tiles non-slippery and scratch-resistant.

What are the special features of Antica tiles?
Antica Ceramica is an ISO 9001 certified company, with advanced production technologies. We offer innovative designs, and affordable pricing. When most of the Indian tile companies have warpage of 0.8mm -1cm and above, our warpage meets the ISO certified standard of 0.5mm or less, by offering warpage of only 0.2 mm.
Rahul Bhugra, Director, Antica Ceramica
Tiles have a variety of advantages over other flooring materials like marble and stone, which are porous, expensive, and difficult to lay, maintain and handle

Rahul Bhugra

Our products are unique and stand out from the competition because of their colours, different sizes, and aesthetic appeal. Our Moroccon Collection, for instance, has been very popular since its launch as the tiles can uplift any space with their splash of colours.

Our tiles are easy to maintain with a simple mop and sweep. Their lifespan will depend on the usage. Tiles used in residences will stay intact for 20-30 years, and in commercial spaces, the lifespan would be 15-20 years. Another factor to consider is the finish: matt finish tiles last longer.

Antica Ceramica

What does the company’s infrastructure comprise of?
We have a manufacturing facility in Gujarat and a warehouse of 70,000 sq. ft. which is one of the biggest tiles distributing warehouses in the country. All our raw materials and machinery are European. We strongly believe in the ‘Make in India’ initiative and will work towards contributing more and more towards it. We have a physical store and display centre at Raja Garden, Delhi, and a network of over 175 dealers across India.

We will be adding a new production line in the coming months to cater to the growing demand for our tiles, besides which, we are aiming at an increased digital presence to take advantage of digital media’s wide reach.

What are the eco-conscious practices followed by the company?
Our company strongly believes in going the eco-friendly way. We have integrated many practices that will contribute to conserving our planet. We use cardboard boxes wherever possible and avoid using materials like plastic. We have gone paperless and have started generating e-invoices only.