Laminate flooring is highly versatile, warm and unique compared to other products like stone and marble; it is also very easy to install, maintain and replace, says Raj Patel, Director, Royale Touche

Royale Touche: Naturally Good Looking Laminate flooring

What are the special features of Royale Touche laminate flooring?
The biggest USP of our flooring material is the quality and innovative features. Almost 75% of our range of products are synchronised laminate floorings with an abrasive class of AC4 or higher. The synchronised finish ensures that the product texture is in sync with the design, making it look exactly like a natural wood product without the hassles associated with maintaining a natural product.

The high abrasive rating also allows our product to be used in high traffic areas without having to worry about scratches or wear and tear. The ISOWAXX technology, which seals the joints, also allows for very high resistance to damage that can be caused by spillage of liquids onto the surface.

What are the lifespan and maintenance requirements of your products?
All Royale Touche 8mm products are popular because they provide great value for money and look absolutely like natural wood flooring. The laminate flooring easily lasts for 30-40 years without any issues. There is actually very little maintenance required; a slightly moist mop is usually all it takes to clean the floors.

Royale Touche: Naturally Good Looking Laminate flooring

Please give in brief your manufacturing facilities, retail network and channel partners.
We have 4 manufacturing facilities with 7 presses installed across various cities of Gujarat. Our products are manufactured with modern equipment imported from Spain and Italy. We use imported papers with highly stable and resistant pigments to guarantee the longevity of our products A specialised transparent paper coated with aluminium oxide and a unique resin mixture to protect the top surface of the laminate from scratches, impacts, abrasion, spills and other external agents.
Raj Patel, Director, Royale Touche
The Indian market is highly versatile when it comes to flooring materials. In a single home we would see a mix of marble, vitrified tiles, laminate flooring, carpets, and sometimes even vinyl. The trends have always been towards more natural looking products as most interior designers prefer to use subtle flooring colours to give the rooms a larger feel and long lasting aesthetic effect

Top of the line, unique and highly detailed design paper from the best printers of Europe and Japan and specialised inks with a rating of 6+ on the bluewool scale are used for the printing process to protect the colour fastness of the product from UV rays.

A combination of specially treated Kraft papers with a variety of resin mixtures provide strength, balance, stability, better sanding and adhesion and longevity to the product. The core once treated under controlled conditions prevents the laminate from cracking and fracturing.

Royale Touche: Naturally Good Looking Laminate flooring

We have 150 Royale Touche experience centers across India along with a network of over 7500 channel partners who sell our products and provide the necessary instalment services. We are planning to install one more press in the new fiscal year and also diversify into another Interior product related vertical.