Carpets Inter has made a sincere effort to reduce the number of plastic pollutants in the oceans, by recycling 787,000,000 discarded plastic drinking water bottles to date, and is on its way to announce a new phase in its multi-year sustainability campaign for carbon sequestration. Richard Morris, Global Business Director, Carpets Inter, discusses the company’s mission and sustainable practices

Fit For Purpose Carpeting Solutions

What is the mission of Carpets Inter?
The company’s broad mission is to recycle over 1,000,000,000 discarded plastic bottles by the year 2025, and thereby save aquatic animals from death due to plastic pollutants. Carpets Inter has achieved NSF 140 and ISO certification towards environmental practices and it is one of the leading manufacturing facilities for environmental conformity in Thailand. Carpets Inter’s EcoSoft® recently won the first prize in the ‘Waste Elimination’ category, an award voted by leading Australian architects and environmentalists.

The threat to our marine life is at a critical level due to the massive amounts of plastic entering our oceans every second, with the River Ganges being the largest contributor of over 550 million kg of waste plastics per year. Our affiliation with The Ocean Cleanup is only the latest phase in a long campaign to recycle that dates back to 2004.

What are the carpets made of?
Our Modular Carpets Tiles are manufactured using premium Solution Dyed Nylon Pile fiber to ensure a 10-15 year wear lifespan and, most importantly, appearance retention. However, the measure of a good modular carpet tile is not what you see; it’s what you don’t see. It’s the backing construction which will determine the best RoI to the investor. Our unique EcoSoft PET felt cushion backing is manufactured using discarded single-use PET plastic soft drink and water bottles, that would have otherwise entered landfill or contributed to polluting our precious waterways.

Since 2004, Carpets Inter has recycled over 0.8 billion single-use plastic PET bottles, into our EcoSoft modular backing, averting harmful pollution into landfills and waterways in support of Ocean Clean-up endeavors. In turn, this has embodied over 7000 tons of carbon content, contributing to a clean environment.

Fit For Purpose Carpeting Solutions

How is Carpets Inter disrupting the modular space with its 2021 collection?
One square meter of Carpets Inter collections with EcoSoft backing will typically contain an estimated 55 single use recycled PET plastic bottles. The unique backing is not only environmentally conscious, but it also delivers additional benefits such as over twice the noise absorption for indoor acoustics, lightweight, durability, stability and comfort underfoot when compared with traditional hardback carpet tiles.

Despite the Covid scenario, we have recently launched 3 new modular flooring collections, with another 3 collections to be launched by mid-2021, all of which have environmental reuse, repurpose, recycle and environmental theme, providing variety and choice to interior aesthetics.

What’s more, Carpets Inter offers free site audit, estimation and conceptual design proposals and oversees the complete project management, installation and site cleaning before handover.

How should one pick the right carpet for an office space?
Given that we spend many hours working in the same office, the spaces we occupy shape how we behave and can have serious consequences for our psychological well-being and performance. It is therefore critical to any corporate business to optimize the workspace environment in the most beneficial ways possible, where associates feel vibrant and with enhanced proficiency.
Richard Morris, Global Business Director, Carpets Inter
Carpets Inter is creating high-quality modular carpet tiles at affordable prices and offering immense scope for interior designers and architects to develop their inspirations into reality, as we have around 50 textile designers in our design studios, who ensure that the carpet tile collection development meet the varied requirements for modular size, colour, textural design, and backing type SKUs

A key element towards creating a healthy, functional and comfortable workspace conducive to high productivity is the type of flooring used. The primary requirement governing the selection of flooring for corporate office space is that it should be ‘fit for purpose’, i.e., the functional performance of the flooring should match the users’ requirements. This definition covers not only the physical or functional performance, but also the many factors that impact users and occupant’s well-being and productivity, and are a recognized part of the working environment, such as aesthetic appeal, sound suppression, ergonomics, impact resistance, underfoot comfort, soil-hiding, anti-microbial assuring indoor air quality, ambient temperature of thermal barrier reducing energy expense and carbon footprint, and environmentally aligned.

Always select products from reputable manufacturers endorsed by third party qualifications, such as WELL, LEED, BREEAM and recognized Green Tag organizations.

Fit For Purpose Carpeting Solutions

What are the sustainable practices followed at Carpets Inter?
Carpets Inter has a history of sustainable practices dating back over 14 years. Climate change leading to various disruptions in the working of the natural ecosystem has long been a hot topic for debates and discussions. Misuse of resources, increased use of plastic, unsafe garbage disposal along with various factors all contribute to the degradation of the environment. However, out of all the causes, plastic use and its unwise disposal seem to be one of the major threats to the environment.

We have achieved zero waste to landfill and are completely self-sustainable in water supply and treatment. We repurpose and donate 100% of the sediment deposited from our on-site water recycling treatment plant in cooperation with a leading Thai brand of organic agricultural fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is free from harmful pesticides and provides a cost-effective alternative to the Thai Farming community. Contributing to the fertile growth of thousands of acres of crop yields, such as pineapple, sugarcane, cassava and systematic tree planting, natures inherent process of photosynthesis and the soil’s regenerative natural ability to sequester CO² provides natural filtration of harmful CO² from our atmosphere back into the ground. We do this because the best solution to combat climate change is the regenerative power of soil.

At Carpets Inter, we are committed to providing eco-friendly products by working together with the Architectural, PMC & MNC community towards providing healthier occupied spaces in a manner that protects the environment.