Welspun Flooring aims at bringing a paradigm shift in the consumer mindset by providing end- to-end flooring solutions, from selecting the right type to the installation, avers Mukesh Savlani, CEO, Welspun Flooring

What are the new trends in flooring?

In India, flooring is considered as a very cumbersome process, which makes it a one-time concept. The first thoughts that come to your mind when you think about changing the flooring, be it a residential or commercial space, are days of long labor hours, broken tiles, dirt. etc.

Welspun Flooring

The new trend that we envisage to bring through Welspun Flooring is a paradigm shift in the consumer mindset. We are living in the time of instant gratification and there is no reason that flooring should be any different. Today, consumers want a quick flooring solution, which is easy to install, durable, and flexible enough to furnish a small room or perhaps a favorite corner in their house. Artificial turf is trending in both residential and commercial spaces. Carpet tiles are currently doing well as they are apt for small spaces and easy to maintain. The product permits consumers to mix and match patterns and textures and offers the flexibility to change a patch in case of any mishap.

Our hero product - LPT (Luxury performance tiles) – is available in a variety of designs, colors and textures that can be mixed and matched with carpet tiles as well as different styles of LPT, according to the theme or choice of the end-user.

Welspun Flooring Wood
What differentiates Welspun products from others in the market?

Welspun flooring solutions brings ease of installation and use. Our range of flooring solutions is nothing less than a revolution that begets through a blend of artistic expression and innovation, durability along with functionality. What really sets us apart is sustainability as a core philosophy in all the products that we create. One of the major highlights of our products is that they resonate with the government's Make in India campaign, as they are totally indigenous.

At, present our range of flooring consists of Luxury Performance Tiles (LPT), Broadloom wall to wall carpets, Carpet Tiles and Greens (Synthetic grass). LPT is a mélange of beauty and functionality. Also known as Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) tiles, these are the first of its kind in India and a revolution in flooring with their engineered mix of stone & polymer and innovative Click-N-Lock technology. Stone polymer composite flooring combines the durability of stone while being lightweight with a unique 5-layer core designed to retain a luxurious look for decades. It is available in wood and marble finish. More durable than vitrified tiles, it is waterproof, UV-resistant and termite resistant, has a superior indentation resistance, and is resistant to telegraphing, fading, peeling, cupping, pet stains, odors, liquids and mildew.

Welspun Flooring Greens

Welspun Carpet tiles are available in a variety of printed designs and are in the form of pre-sized nylon carpet tiles with integrated backing and tactile adhesives that stay put. Easy to customize and even easier to manage, the carpet tiles give a contemporary look to offices and homes. The best feature of these tiles is that they can be changed over a period of time without much hassle. Consumers have the flexibility to mix and match different designs, colours and textures. Multiple design possibilities using a combination of different tiles. These are best suited for heavy traffic areas as in commercial offices as they are stain and fade resistant, and offer sound insulation. They can be installed directly on the floor's substrate without any glue installation, which reduces wastage.

Broadloom carpets bring a distinctive look to interiors. These tufted nylon rolls are water, heat and flame resistant and anti-microbial, and come in solid and printed designs. They are easy to clean and maintain, are stain and fade resistant, anti-static and fire resistant, and give acoustic sound and heat insulation.

Our artificial grass is so close to the natural grass that it can be mistaken for being real grass. Bringing sustainability and durability, the artificial grass gives a lush look and can withstand high intensity zones. It is an Ideal solution for sports arenas, commercial applications, residential terraces and gardens. As artificial grass comes in a variety of pile heights and is easy on maintenance too as no watering, weeding, mowing or even patching up is needed. It's easy to install and drains out rain water easily, and being durable, it can handle high traffic zones like playgrounds and pet zones, without losing its lush appearance. It can be used for horizontal and vertical landscaping, is water and fade resistant, fire retardant, and has an In-built drainage system.

Origami Carpet Tiles

The life span of the product depends on their usage. For Greens, the warranty is for 6 years, for Carpet tiles, it's 15 years, Luxury Performance Tiles is 10 years; and wall to wall carpets come with a warranty of 10 years.

What is Welspun's manufacturing capacity and market reach? With an investment of ₹1150 crore, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Telangana is spread over 600 acres in Chandan valley on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The facility is currently under-construction; it will have a capacity to make 10 million sq.ft of wooden and stone tiles, as well as carpet and wall to wall carpets in phase 1. With the opening of this unit, we are looking at generating 1000 direct and 2000 indirect jobs in Telangana. We have registered vendors across different locations, who are trained professionals and experts in installation of our tiles for both commercials and residential projects.

Our focus is on both domestic and international markets. We already have a presence in Mumbai and Hyderabad and will be opening our experience centers in Delhi and Bengaluru. Our strong sales team represents us in 30 major cities in India. By May 2019, we will start exporting to the U.S.A, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asian countries.

What inspired the company to foray into the floorings market?

With developing infrastructure facilities and surging real estate industry, we believe that the flooring industry in India has a huge potential. It is a highly unorganized category, where no company is offering end-to-end solutions to consumers. The other gap that we have noticed is that the idea of traditional flooring itself is a one-time concept, given the cumbersome process.

In India, flooring is only thought about at the time of buying the property or major renovation. And in the institutional segment, consumers are dependent on imports, which have the inconvenience of time and costs. At Welspun, we aim to bridge this gap and leverage the current market with our innovative products and manufacturing capabilities.