Ozone Spider Systems Offers Classic Vision Concept

Spider Fittings

Transparent Glasses
Modern day building structures are increasingly adopting the concept of using Transparent Glasses that not only enhances visibility of building interiors, but also serves to create a concept of space and openness giving it the signature of modern design. With continuous advances in technology, frameless structural glazing, commonly known as spider facades, are finding increased usage in more and more applications. These facades are created using spider fittings and accessories in various configurations thus achieving concept of Total Vision.

Various types of spider fittings are available in the market that includes a. Fin spider, b. Hanger-type spider, c. Hanger-plus-Spider-fitting type and; d. Full-Spider-fitting type spiders.

The Fin Spider System is used where the building's structure cannot provide support to the glass façade. This system is fixed to the glass fins which provide point support for wind loads and remain separated from the wall. Here, the load from each glass panel is transmitted from one panel to the next and supported by the spider fittings on the top. This system allows a clear view of the interior as it evades any metal structure or elements that may interrupt the view and is widely used for facades of malls and automobile showrooms

The Without-Fin Spider System is used where the building's structure is able to carry the façade's exterior and interior loads. This spider system is directly attached to the building's structure either by using flange-mounted spider fittings screwed to the wall or by screwing or welding the same fitting to a steel channel, depending upon the project's requirement. This is an excellent option for large spaces and specific glass wall shapes, especially for the outer layer of a building.

Established brands like Ozone offer a wide range of stainless steel spider fittings in a series of designs which comes with or without fins for creating structures that stand out from a design standpoint.The Fin Spider Fittings Series comprise the Standard Series, the Designer Series, the Vertical Series and the Alpha Series; the Without-Fin Spider Fittings Series comprise of the Standard Series, the Slotted Series, the Jumbo and the Mini Series – all available with unique and attractive specifications and have been designed for different usages.The designer fin spider is available in a unique curved design in Stainless Steel Grade 316 that firmly holds four glasses together and is installed with routels. The vertical fin spider is used for big facades to hold four glasses together. Designer & vertical spider fittings are installed with routels and Teflon washers to prevent the glass damage. The slotted spider fittings are available with an arm length of 200mm crafted in Stainless Steel Grade 316. This fitting comes without fin and is used to hold four glasses together. It is installed without routels and attached to a fixed structure. The slotted design gives an elegant and stylish look to the fitting and as such to the glass facade.


Spider fittings are unique in themselves as these provide flexibility in forming structures which effectively withstand the wind pressure, also allowing larger area to be covered. Eliminating the use of aluminium frames, these fittings give an unobstructed and clear look to any architectural structure. Ozone offers customized solutions for all façade & canopy fittings. Canopies of varied designs can be created using the wide range of spider fittings offered by Ozone giving that unique touch to structures. Experts from Ozone can provide suggestions on what type of spider fittings are to be used on a particular façade structure.