The tensile membrane industry in India has been growing steadily over the past few years. India’s infrastructure development projects, such as airports, metro stations, railway stations, bus terminals and stadiums, and sports complex, have been major contributors to the growth of the tensile membrane industry in the country.

USP is the unique technology used in the manufacturing of the membrane
This flexible composite membrane gives the freedom to architects and designers to create unique shapes and designs, and being lightweight its usage reduces the carbon footprint, while its translucency enables natural lighting, which saves use of artificial lighting/energy.

Arun MADAPPALLATH, General Manager, South Asia

In recent years, Indian companies have also started to focus on the engineering and manufacturing of high-quality tensile membranes solutions, which has helped the industry to gain recognition globally.

Tensile membranes are used in various applications like architectural structures, sports facilities, parking areas, atrium roofs, exhibition centers, and for various roofing and shading solutions. Being lightweight and translucent, the tensile membrane has become one of the preferred choices in the construction industry. Its scope extends to the design of both large and small roofing projects.

At Serge Ferrari, our USP is the unique technology used in the manufacturing of the membrane, which has come to be widely known in the industry. The Serge Ferrari Precontraint Technology fabric offers unique dimensional stability and longevity of the membrane. To highlight, the Serge Ferrari TX30 range of fabrics has a very special cross link high concentration PVDF top coating on the fabric. It is considered the best in the industry with a design life of 30 years.

USP is the unique technology used in the manufacturing of the membrane

The Serge Ferrari range of fabrics in terms of light transmission offers from 5% to 15% translucent fabrics and high translucent fabrics up to 21% light transmission . The new introduction is STFE – a transparent fabric that is again unique in the industry - with +55% light transmission.

When it comes to meeting the high fire standard, Serge Ferrari offers the Glass Fiber PTFE coated fabric, which is fire resistant, and has the highest compliance in the membrane industry. The Glass Fiber PTFE coating has a design life of over 40 years. Our PVC coated fabric also meets the fire-retardant compliance norms.

However, the lifespan and maintenance requirements of tensile roofing will depend on the product offerings: Serge Ferrari’s PTFE coated membranes have a lifespan of +40 years and in terms of maintenance they are the best in the industry. They require only periodic maintenance, thanks to the PTFE coating technology which has self-cleaning properties.

USP is the unique technology used in the manufacturing of the membrane

Our PVC/ PVDF coated membranes have a life span up to 30 years, which is again based on the type of PVDF coating. Maintenance is also required periodically or regularly as per the PVDF coating.

Serge Ferrari has tensile fabric manufacturing facilities: the La Tour Du Pin (France), Krefeld (Germany), Eglisau (Switzerland), Chayi (Taiwan), and Carmignano (Italy).