Expanded Metal Facade Screen is a versatile and eye-catching medium which offers an interesting option for architects, consultants and interior designers looking to create unusual facades and giving buildings a distinctive character. Sidharth Saraf, Owner, Asian Streck Metals, shares details on the material’s characteristics and applications.

Asian Streck Metals: Making Mesh Facades

Please define the characteristics of Expanded Metal.
Expanded Metal is formed from a single piece of metal sheet without wastage. It is produced from solid sheets of Aluminium, MS, SS, Copper, Brass, Titanium etc. In this process, the sheet is simultaneously slit and stretched, expanding the slits into diamond and other shaped holes of uniform size, shape, and regularity, and giving perfect geometrical shapes. There is no wastage, which adds to cost savings as compared to other metal processing methods.

Expanded Metal possesses some very attractive inherent qualities. It has an advantage over welded products as the material does not have localised weak points because it is made from a single sheet of metal. Its structural design, and material-to-air ratio can be tailor-made to customer’s requirements. The higher strength-to-weight ratio is the major advantage as it provides stronger per kilogram and lighter per metre than the original sheet.

What are its advantages as a façade material?
The application of Expanded Metal is effected for aesthetic reasons. The true strength of Expanded Metal, however, lies in the technical optimization of objects and apparatus. With its excellent permeability, Expanded Metal provides (for example in cooling and heating devices), an optimal air circulation and temperature distribution.

The Facade Meshes are made from aluminium, mild steel, and galvanised steel, which add colour to the building, keeping in mind the aesthetics as well as the practical aspects of the project. The facade panels can be assembled on site, customised as per clients’ inputs and design specifications of the architects.

Expanded Metal Facade provides noise insulation and increases the overall energy efficiency of the building. The concept of Expanded Metal Facade is to force the air through small openings, cooling air and increasing its force marginally. This reduces heat gain and increases ventilation. The play of light and shade in the interiors is an interesting element of a project. The mesh not only provides shade to the building but also lends it a distinct identity and architectural character along with natural ventilation and glare-free natural light that filters in throughout the day.
Sidharth Saraf
Our decades of experience coupled with a spirit of innovation has led to the development of various distinctive products for the architectural, construction, engineering, and energy industries such as non-wire mesh and curtains, industrial flooring systems, screening media and pathways, non-slip serrated walkway mesh, and more.

Sidharth Saraf

What are the installation requirements?
The Installation of Expanded Metal Facades is simple and does not require any complex methodology or hardware. As the Expanded Metal Facades are usually framed before installation, the easily available hardware like Angles, U-Sections, Square Pipes, T-Sections, etc can be used for framing the mesh.

Also, since Expanded Metal Facades have a net like effect, they can take the shape of any pre-created surface without hassle, thereby giving more depth and dimension to the architect’s vision. It can be directly fitted to the back surface, spaced fit to act as a decorative insulating layer, and can be fitted on a standalone structure. The possibilities are endless.

What are the other application areas of Expanded Metal?
Expanded Metal is finding increasing popularity in architectural applications, where functionality like noise and light deflection is combined with interesting aesthetic effects. The product can also be used for balustrade infill panels, ceiling coverings, fencing, partitions, exterior wall cladding, sunscreen over windows and door frames, etc.

What is its lifespan and what care and maintenance does it require?
Asian Streck Metals: Making Mesh Facades
Since most of the Expanded Metal Facades around the world are made from aluminium sheets, they are non-corrosive and have a very high lifespan. Also, the new-age Super Durable Powder Coatings that have been specifically made for exterior applications helps in enhancing the lifespan of these meshes. Moreover, the meshes are completely reusable and can be removed and reused anywhere.

An Expanded Metal Façade is relatively easy to clean, even by natural wind and rain. Due to its angular cross-section, it lets any kind of liquid to slide downwards or deflect outwards, making it a self-cleaning façade. In case deep cleaning is required, then water with some pressure can be sprayed onto the façade. Other general ways of cleaning glass or ACP or any other kind of facades are also applicable for cleaning of a mesh façade.

Please name some of the landmark projects of Asian Streck Metals.
Asian Streck Metals has been supplying more than five lakh square feet of facades every year to the building construction industry of India. Some of our landmark projects include the MLCP at Lodha Pallava, SRM University, Guntur, ATS Mall at Raipur; ASF Insignia SEZ, Faridabad, Martins Furniture Showroom, Panchkula, IIID Office Ceiling, Surat, Unicosmos School, Gurgaon, Airnet Office Building, Noida, Amma Towers, Calicut, MN Park (Pharma SEZ), Hyderabad, Aurum Building, Mumbai, and many more.

What are the company’s manufacturing facilities for Expanded Metal?
We have 3 German made CNC presses for manufacturing Expanded Metal Meshes. The widths of our machines are up to 2500mm so we can produce facades in widths of 8 feet also. The allied machines for finishing include CNC shearing machines, mesh straightening machines, ARC & MIG welding stations, CNC press brake and surface grinders etc.