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Vinyl wall cladding solutions are quite popular world over. Saint Gobain is one of the pioneers to offer Vinyl wall cladding solutions in India.

Beauty, Durability, Low Maintenance, Value For Money, and lately GREEN PERFORMACE. These are some of the important attributes that architects hope to bring into their projects. Saint Gobain now offers from its CertainTeed range - "Vinyl Sidings", great option for exterior cladding requirements.

Vinyl sidings are primarily blended polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusions (In the form of sheets) which are modified during manufacturing with stabilizers, pigments and acrylic agents and finally extruded to give the finished product important attributes like UV resistance, colour stability and durability.

Vinyl sidings were first introduced in the 1960s in the US and have gained rapid popularity over the last four decades. Specifically across the United States and Canada, it is rated as the No 1 choice for exteriors – twice more than other cladding options! (Source - U.S. Census Bureau statistics). Vinyl and other polymeric sidings are available in a broad palette of colors, profiles and architectural trim to assist architects, builders and homeowners in customizing their new construction and renovation designs, and can complement historic restoration projects.

Product Features:

  • A huge array of colours to choose from – Gives the widest option for different building requirements
  • Full range of accessories available also in matching colours
  • Versatile – Can be integrated with other cladding options
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Green – Adds value to the project and environment.

Technical Advantages:

  • Colour permanent–Does not require re-painting
  • Dent resistant & Flake proof
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Scratches do not show
  • UV resistant and Class A fire rated (ASTM).

Application Advantages:

  • Light weight – Easy to handle and ideal for light construction
  • Made to fit accessory range
  • Patented fixing and interlocking systems – ensures accurate and secure installation
  • Minimum wastage and aids fast application – Overall savings in the project

The Green Advantage!

One of the reasons that Vinyl siding has become the most popular choice for external cladding in the USA and Canada is that it delivers recognized environmental benefits to help make and keep homes green. Throughout the processes of manufacturing, transportation, installation, service life and waste management, vinyl siding scores well on tough environmental measures.

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What's more, vinyl siding has the potential to contribute to achieving more points than other exterior cladding in the leading green building certification programs including the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® for New Construction and LEED® Homes Rating Systems and the ANSI approved ICC 700 National Green Building Standard™. Additionally, research shows how insulated vinyl siding contributes to savings in energy consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Saint Gobain - CertainTeed's green commitments stretch even to resource conservation in the manufacturing process. About 90% of the production waste gets recycled. The packing needs are met by recycled materials. These are small steps in a big world, but to have green thinking and growing is a commitment for CertainTeed every day.

Vinyl Sidings In India

Saint Gobain introduced its CertainTeed brand of Vinyl sidings in India in 2011, though a lot of trial projects were completed prior to that. Introduced to mainly cater to the residential building sector, the product has seen a unique niche in the commercial segments an alternative to ACP, Educational institutions, Resort and Government buildings. Projects executed in India in the past two years include host of the prestigious buildings including corporate buildings, international schools, resorts, and several residences across the India.

The product also sees a great potential in the refurbishment segment where sidings play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of an old building and also offering the best of technical advantages in terms of durability and maintenance. In India, where there is a brilliant and innovative architectural and building community with diverse and tailor made requirements, Vinyl sidings can be the best answer to a host of cladding requirements and can be explored for newer avenues in the construction segment.