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Project Name: Unimark Asian
Type: Commercial Office
Client: Unimark Group
Location: Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata
Site Area: 34703 sq.ft
Built-up area: 107200 sq.ft
Ar. Kamal Periwal
For architects, materials are not only a solution for energy efficiency but also critical to establish the feeling of the space and the character of the built form. Materials, textures and colours are tools for architects to enter and influence the mind of the masses

Ar. Kamal Periwal

The distinctive profile of new Unimark Asian’s B+G+17 headquarter office in the CBD area in Kolkata is derived from incorporating triple height external terraces in a dynamic way by stacking five glass boxes to complete the structure. The core is placed asymmetrically and only 4 further columns are required to create a column-free space in this steel formed building.

In relation to the built form expression, we have divided the monotonous rectangular facade (almost 1:5) in five terraces, flourishing a unique identity that provides a landmark to re-invent the future of design. The terraces also help improve productivity of the workspace by incorporating elements of nature inside.

DGU glazing has been used in the facade to reduce heat. Since the gap between glasses does not allow a smooth heat conduction, this has also reduced the constant need of air-conditioning load. Ideal orientation with short facades in the east and west allowed utmost use of low e-glazing to maximize daylight into the office interiors and minimize artificial lighting, a prime energy consumption source. In this way, we have been able to save energy through the choice of our materials for the building skin. Through use of light tainted glass panels, we have created a seamless outdoor-indoor connectivity.

The lower levels of the building have a triple height. In the lobby and some other services which do not require an external view, we have used stone cladding to give the external floating glass facade a solid base on the ground, providing a sense of gravity and dominance, which we wanted to be the impression of the company to its visitors. Here, the use of stone also acts as a transition phase from the green landscape towards the glass boxes.

Unimark Asian
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