Manish Sikka, President, ECE Elevators (Birla Group), elaborates on the features of modern elevators such as smart connected control systems, automatic emergency rescue devices, power back-up, and aerodynamically designed cars.

Manish Sikka, President, ECE Elevators
What new solutions are manufacturers coming up with for smart elevator?
Third party elevators modernisation market in India is growing but still untapped. Every elevator manufacturer has modernisation packages for their own make but for third party elevators, most prefer to offer full replacement. The solutions available are for improving elevator reliability, performance levels, efficiency, energy consumption, aesthetics, and safety standards.

At ECE we have ensured that all our clients, irrespective of the building application get the best aesthetic as a standard with options of touch buttons beside the touchless system made available as a standard in all our elevators, as all our elevators, as a standard, are SMART. This is a first in the industry and we take pride to be leading the digital revolution.

With modern high-rise buildings becoming taller and more complex, how is this impacting the design, speed, safety and installation of elevators?
High rise and complex mixed use buildings require professional and brand agnostic vertical transport design and such professionals must be brought in at the concept design stage to ensure the most efficient vertical transport system design is put in place.

High rise elevator shafts need to be pressurised well, arrangements made to offset the piston effect, sway of buildings, fire lobby, and evacuation/firefighting lifts design needs to be specially looked into.

High rise lift cars need to be aerodynamically designed to channel air past the elevator. Elevator cars need to be soundproofed and noise transmission through car ventilation system needs to be minimised. Shaft partition walls need to be perforated, or interconnection openings are to be provided at top and bottom of adjacent shafts to allow interchange of displaced air columns.

Smart connected control systems with artificial intelligence and destination based should be considered at most times with regenerative drives to allow energy conservation.

What Emergency Rescue Devices (ERD) / safety devices is your company offering to ensure passenger safety in your elevators? Please give their features.
Automatic Rescue Device or Emergency Rescue Device has now become a necessity for customer safety and to meet local code requirements. When it comes to rescuing the passenger, our company provides two solutions:
  • Standard Automatic Rescue Device takes care of rescuing trapped passengers in case of power failure or phase failure to the nearest landing.
  • As an option and a more advanced system, we provide the device with power backup to the elevator as per customer requirement, wherein the passenger inside the cabin will not even come to know, in case of power failure, and elevator will continue to operate till its power back up time. Once the power back up provided reaches its limit, the elevator will stop at floor level and keep the doors opened. The advantages with this option are:
- The passenger will not feel any jerk inside the cabin in case of power failure.
- The elevator will remain available for service for the entire back up period opted by client.
- Even if the back-up time is exhausted, the elevator will park itself at the landing with doors opened and hence no mantrap situation will arise.
The design of each flat by Disha Architects
ECE Elevators are real time connected, with online advanced self-diagnostics, live monitoring, and real time alarms that can be monitored online on a cloud-based system

Manish Sikka

Please name some important projects awarded to your company.
ECE is proud to be the fastest growing elevator company in India with landmark deals and projects in its stable, including repeat orders of 885 lifts from Signature Global for their Signature Global Park project in Sohna, Gurugram, 387 lifts for GEM project of SmartWorld in Gurugram, 124 lifts at various projects of Sushma Group in Mohali, PMAY projects in MP of 102 lifts, and many such prominent projects.

These mega projects have been won basis our best-in-class product offerings, world class digital based service process designs, and, most importantly, all our elevators are IoT based SMART, real time connected, with online advanced self-diagnostics, live monitoring, and real time alarms that can be monitored online on a cloud-based system.