There is a pressing need for businesses to know whether their people and property are fire-safe; this is also crucial for residential communities, particularly high-rise towers, which represent a larger risk of fire, says Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions.

What are the fire compliance and fire ready protocols that establishments need to implement?
Due to a lack of understanding, building layout, and the absence of proper equipment, various fire hazards and accidents occur in Indian commercial and residential areas. We believe that it is critical to educate people and authorities about the importance of fire safety in existing buildings as well as in new construction. It is critical to make systemic changes in the way we develop spaces that promote a fire-safe habitat at the top management level. And it is important to undertake periodical assessments at the deployment level to verify that the premises are fire-safe.

As per a survey conducted across seven key cities, with over 2100+ respondents, it was found that 58% Indian homeowners are not confident of fire safety compliance in their homes, while 44% are familiar with the nearest safety exits in case of a fire alarm at their workplace. The primary aim of a research study like this was to understand the lack of awareness that is present among consumers even today not just about fire compliance but overall home security. Our aim was to gather insights on the current gaps and then help showcase the importance of adopting high-end technology when it comes to security – both in private and public sectors.

What does a specialised fire assessment project entail?
Godrej Security Solutions has been at the forefront to drive the awareness and strive to create attitudinal change around fire safety. Godrej Fire Risk Assessor is a scientifically designed assessment procedure to systematically identify the preparedness of a building in terms of meeting fire hazards.

We will invite commercial as well as residential establishments to connect with us to get their Fire Audit done. Our idea is to facilitate this entire exercise and hence we would like to bear part costs of the Fire Assessment exercise. However, the interested establishments will need to fill up an online form, and based on a highly structured questionnaire, we shall decide on the amount of subsidy which Godrej can offer to the concerned establishment to carry out the Fire Assessment.

Godrej, through its association with FSAI, will nominate a professional Fire Audit expert to conduct the assessment. A detailed report shall be shared capturing observations and identifying gaps, and a road map will be given to the concerned establishment towards making it fire safe.
Pushkar Gokhale, Godrej Security Solutions
There needs to be a systematic shift in how we build future environments, keeping fire readiness in mind. While designing, architects must ensure that fire safety protocols are incorporated properly.

Pushkar Gokhale, Godrej Security Solutions

What high-end technology is available for security and protection against fires?
Investing in technology that assists in the safeguarding of valuables can make a significant difference. If placed in Fire Resistant Protection Equipment, valuables and vital documents can be safely revived after the fire hazard. To protect valuable possessions from fires, homeowners can invest in high-quality safes. There are fire resistant safes designed to secure assets and property of families in the event of a disaster. They have features that restrict seepage of hot gases and smoke, as well as insulate the contents from heat transfer.

Godrej offers state-of-the-art products to store and protect valuables and important documents against fire, and are designed for both commercial and residential applications. The products have gone through stringent tests and bear national as well as international certifications.

As per our estimates, the total addressable health and home security market for FY 2022-23 in the country will reach around 600 cores with a CAGR of 15%, given the rising adoption rate and demand for home and health security products.