Techno Green PVC
Established in 2010 to provide hi-tech fenestration solutions to the market in the Eastern Region, Techno Green PVC Pvt. Ltd, a Bhubaneswar-based company, since its inception using the technology and materials of WINTECH to fabricate windows and doors as per the requirements and specifications (design-wise) of the local clients. In a very short period of time, the company has managed to create a good impression on its clients due to the efforts of its employees and professionally run setup.

In its quest to improve the building Infrastructure industry, Techno Green is on look out to add onto its portfolio of solutions catering the complete need of the fenestration industry. Understanding the challenges

That the forces of nature impose special demands on coating systems especially intended for windows and doors applications, Techno Green approached Canada-based AquaSurTech Coating Products, the superior Water-Based Coating Solution provider, to get the answer of this chronic problem.

AquaSurTech Coating Products provide a high performance Water-Basedborne Exterior and Interior protective coating system formulated for Architectural, Industrial, and OEM applications. The water-based products perform, and in most instances outperform, conventional solvent-based products, meeting all current regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds, while remaining environment and user-friendly. Properly applied, AquaSurTech products have superior adhesion, durability, and offer ultraviolet (UV) protection.

After finding such a perfect solution for the Indian Market, Techno Green decided not only to use the same in its own Fabrication Unit to add value to the products while meeting a growing consumer demand for color in fenestration industry but also to market this product in the Indian subcontinent as a whole with its Brand Name D200 – Water Based Coating System for PVC, Cellular PVC, Fiberglass & Aluminum Surfaces

AquaSurTech OEM's D-200 is high performance single application exterior water based coating system designed for direct application (No Primer) to PVC, Cellular PVC, Fiberglas and Aluminium surfaces. Extremely fast air dry and quick clean up will provide you with a low cost process suited to both in-factory and on-site applications.

Opportunities and Advantages:
  • D200 is formulated with heat reflective pigments to Minimize heat gain for dark colors, and is considered Non–hazardous by EPA standards.
  • Minimal space and equipment requirements make painting in-house feasible even small batch environments.
  • AquaSurTech can provide equipment selection assistance and training for personnel.
  • High transfer efficiency: the HVLP process and D-200 provides excellent coverage resulting in an extremely cost-effective solution.
  • Easy Application in the field allows for field touch ups with no hallo effect. D-200 is perfect for Re-Furbishing Existing Oxidized or Faded Surfaces.
  • A proven track record and the best Manufacturer's Warranty in the industry allows you to confidently apply D-200 without fear of peeling, blistering, or fading providing a service life of 15+years.
  • Hundreds of colors available with quick turnaround color matching service.
  • No primer required.
  • Both factory and field prep is as simple as a wash Down with AquaSurTech's Vinyl-Kleen and Vinyl-Prep.
  • Water is used for cleanup.
  • Painted surface can be cut and welded with only minor touchups required in weld zone.
  • Suitable for low cost HVLP.
  • 2 mil. dry film thickness provides a smooth "factory finish".
  • Ideally suited for both field and in plant (OEM applications.
  • Requires minimal equipment investment.
  • Can be applied in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Safe, odorless, and non-toxic.
  • Quick drying, ship painted product next day.
  • Industry leading 15 year field service (not paint replacement) warranty
AquaSurTech Coating Solutions
TruStain- Creating a simulated wood looks on smooth Vinyl. In the PVC Window industry, the introduction of interior wood grains (normally in the form of laminates) has created both a lead time and inventory headache for many fabricators. A practical JIT method of producing an attractive wood look will not only reduce inventories but can expand the potential choice offered to the consumer. Other materials like cellular PVC and some composites are also sensitive to heat build-up and cannot be finished with standard products. In many cases, they are sold at a premium by virtue of their maintenance free characteristics. These materials require high performance maintenance free finish for both solid colors (AquaSurTech's) and wood grain looks.

TruStain meets the challenge!

TruStain's proven heat reflective characteristics produce the lowest possible heat build up, thus protecting vinyl from distortion and minimizing fading significantly. The extremely long service life of the finishes are quite consistent with any "Maintenance Free" expectation. The realistic looks (minus any repeating pattern found in many printed wood grains) open up many more possibilities in recapturing the incremental value associated with bridging the gap between a standard vinyl product and a high end wood product.

Features & Benefits:
  • Simple (easier than painting a solid color), fast, repeatable but not a pattern.
  • Match Fiberglas door stain colors with smooth white vinyl accessories (or many other substrates including wood).
  • Enjoy the performance of vinyl with the look of wood.
  • TruStain is designed for both interior and exterior application.
  • The process can be used on areas larger than profiles (smooth fibre-glass or steel doors). In-the-field touch- ups are a breeze.