Ozone Cleanroom Door
Modern day buildings be it industrial set up, clinics, labs or academic institutions, need higher level of safety solution that not only provides safety to human lives and property in case of fire emergency but also prevents fire to spread further. Fire Rated Metal Doors are the ideal solution for such type of safety threats or concerns.

Ozone, a leading player in Architectural Hardware Industry internationally, introduces Fire Rated Metal Doors for installing in all types of buildings & structures. These Metal Doors are manufactured in its newly established state-of-the-art manufacturing facility having world's best brand machines installed such as CNC Laser, shearing & bending machines and Automatic paint shop. A metal door sees wide areas of applications as per type of building such as a Clean Room needs metal door to maintain a specified level of cleanliness and positive air space pressure whereas an industrial building needs fire rated metal door to keep people safe & minimize property damage during a fire emergency and prevents fire to spread in other compartments. Ozone range of metal door includes Fire Rated Metal Doors, Clean Room Doors, Industrial Doors and Partition doors suiting to varied requirements. These Metal Doors are manufactured as per site condition depending on available door size & safety norms laid out by national building safety authority & local fire-fighting and municipal authorities.

Emergency Exit Door
Metal doors can also be categorized as per type of materials used in door construction such as Hollow Frame Metal Doors and Honeycomb core in-filled type metal door. Latter types of Fire Doors are tested for 02 hrs (120minutes) fire rating by CBRI, Roorkee. Fire doors are meant for protecting human life in the event of a fire related emergency/ disaster and stop the fire affecting the other areas. It is critical to protect human lives at stake during fire emergency which could have happened due to arson, short-circuit, gas leakage, explosion or sheer negligence. Designed to meet the life-safety requirements in various types of buildings and structures that are compartmentalized to contain the spread of fire, Ozone fire rated metal doors complement existing passive fire-fighting systems. All Fire Doors are factory finished with epoxy primer and polyurethane-finish paint as per size. Ozone offers fire metal doors in different designs such as Solid, Top Glaze, Full Glaze, Full Glaze with Transom, Half Glaze Louver, Louver, Full Louver, Square Vision, Round Vision, Vision Rectangle, Top Louver, Louver Top and Bottom, Transom & Transom with Louver.

Ozone Metal Door
Fire rated metal door is a complete solution only if other hardware fittings are also fire rated. Ozone offers a wide range of door hardware that are used to fix the fire rated metal doors such as Door Closers, Panic Bars, Hinges, Handles, lock set etc. Using Electromagnetic door closer, a fire metal door can be integrated with Building management system that puts the door in secure mode on detection of smoke or fire. Panic Bar installed on fire rated metal door helps people to exit smoothly without applying extra effort. Even a soft push on Panic Bar unlocks the door for easy exit of people stuck inside fire affected areas. This is also called a fire exit device.

Ozone's team of engineers support the customer from site inspection, recommendation of right solution ensuring the installation & proper functioning of fire rated metal door as per client's satisfaction at the same time conforming to fire safety norms laid out by the concerned authorities.