What makes DIMEX Superior

Wall Thickness 2.5 Mm

Dimex fully meets the German IFT's B category standards with 2.5mm wall thickness. Dimex makes no compromises - No to 2.4mm and 2.2mm wall thickness. No wonder, Dimex's windows are the architects' first choice, as they last longer and are suitable for Indian climatic conditions. Unlike some companies, who are on an eternal quest to save costs by compromising quality, Dimex mainly tries to cater the quality conscious customers by adhering to strict norms.

Ref. Dimex Data Sheet & CIPET Certification

High UV Resistant Formulation

Whiter than white, the Tio2 titanium dioxide is the most expensive UV blocking pigment. In the u-PVC windows profile formulation, titanium dioxide is used as a physical blocker because of its high refractive index, its strong UV light absorbing capabilities, and its resistance to dis-colouration under ultraviolet light is a must for UV sensitive india. With 8 parts of Tio2 and other UV stabilizers, Dimex offers you high-quality window profiles, while the Tio2 also enhances window's stability and protects it from ultraviolet light.

8000 Hours Xinon Test

Taking windows to a higher level, and in order to assure customers against discolouration, Dimex has successfully obtained this special high UV formulation resistant Xinon test report! While smaller players offer only 6000 hrs regular UV test report, Dimex's formulation is innovative and superior in reality, while many others just talk.

Ref. Certificate

Dimex High Quality Hardware

Hardware is the soul of the window. Well, Dimex has its own collection of Dimex hardware which makes the Dimex windows smart, elegant, and distinguished. Moreover, The Security Multi Locking System is fitted with security locking strikers, and the beautiful siding and casement handles. The smooth, long lasting, and silent rollers, and the 304 Stainless Steel Friction Hinges & more give you a pleasure to live with!

Excellent Products Design

All profiles are designed at optimizing the thermal insulation and watertight performance for windows. The double drainage system and inclining edge on both side of glass and V-groove glass bead provide the finished windows with elegant and distinguished appearance.

Dimex High Quality Hardware
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