UPVC windows provide excellent thermal insulation which leads to higher energy efficiency. uPVC as a material is not a thermal conductor unlike metal windows. Coupled with design of the profile, 3 or 5 chamber etc, and gasketing system it minimises heat leak.

UPVC windows provide excellent thermal insulation

While the window would only be 8-10% of the surface of the building, 40% of the energy transfer happens through them. In a tropical country like India where the external temperature is high (and further increasing due to global warming) in most of the months, modern buildings are relying on air conditioning to keep the occupants comfortable. Heat ingress from outside and loss of cold air to the outside environment results in poor energy efficiency and higher electricity bills.

MD, aluplast
Choosing the right configuration of window will help bring in natural light and ventilation to the building and thereby eliminate the need for artificial cooling or heating as the case may be.

Ravi Balakrishnan, MD, aluplast

UPVC windows provide excellent thermal insulation

All aluplast windows are deigned to accommodate double glazing and even triple glazing. Performance glass DGU can enhance the energy efficiency and bring down the U-value significantly. aluplast windows with their ‘tilt and turn’ feature allows users to tilt the window slightly to enable natural air flow into the room without any noise or disturbance to the occupants.