Luxury homes are having a comeback after the pandemic. Residents realize that having the best solutions is a one-time investment. When you make a decision to renovate your abode, the options are endless, but opting for the right product is critical. Dr. h.c. Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies, presents 5 New Fenestration Solutions for the discerning buyer.

Luxury homesConservatory Glass
Roller shutter: This is sturdy and robust and can therefore withstand the fury of weather like heavy rains and strong winds. It can prevent sunlight from hitting the glass directly and thus reduce the room’s heating by 75%. It provides complete water tightness and complete insulation. It can be operated manually or automatically based on three options: spindle, motor, and belt.

Cabrio Balcony: The Velux Cabrio balcony is a luxurious roof balcony that can be added to the living or bedroom. It enhances spaces by giving a panoramic view of the outdoors and thereby enhances both the interior and exterior spaces. The advantage of the Cabrio is that it provides ample sunlight and fresh breeze the moment it is opened outwards at a 45-degree angle.

Skylight: Lingel is known for its various skylight projects. Skylights are very popular in homes, offices, institutions, etc as they provide natural daytime illumination and ventilation. Skylights can be tailor-made to suit ones’ needs. Their operations can be automated or manual and are available in various forms such as fixed, openable, walkable, etc.

Luxury homes
These unique, exquisite fenestration products are a must-have for people looking to glam up their living spaces and also the external look of their homes as these systems add elements of grandeur, besides allowing natural daylight and fresh air indoors, and protecting the home from the vagaries of weather.

Mario Schmidt

Lingel, German wood windows: These are termite-resistant and completely customizable. Their added advantage is that they are designed like uPVC or aluminium windows and are made with the same German hardware for locking and sealing.

Luxury homes

Venetian Blinds:
These are a good shading option and a great way to dress up windows and enhance the interiors. They operate on a rolling mechanism (crank- or pulley-based). They are mounted on the system inside the window aperture or on an existing window frame. Ideally, they should be attached to the existing window from the outside. They do not have any operations or general maintenance requirements.