On 21st March 2023, profine India inaugurated its luxurious Experience Centre in Mumbai showcasing its premium modern range of AluPure and Koemmerling door and window systems. The Centre was inaugurated by Farid Khan, Director & CEO, along with Kamal Bajaj, Business Head – AluPure, in the presence of reputed architects, builders, and developers.

The German company has always been committed towards offering the best services in terms of manufacturing and sup-plying most advanced and sustainable window and door sys-tems to the Indian market. Koemmerling has a global reputa-tion of being the most trusted and leading uPVC window and door system brand, while AluPure has been one of the most rapidly growing and well accepted aluminium window and door system brand in India.

The latest investment is a response to the Indian consumers’ expectations from the German brand, which has a rich legacy of more than 125 years. Over the past years the company has seen multi-fold growth of its uPVC and Aluminium door and window systems, and it has expanded its supply chain network pan India.

profine India inaugurated its luxurious Experience Centre in Mumbai

India is witnessing a lot of development across real estate and infrastructure sectors. People are looking for quality products for their homes, offices, hotels etc. “The new showroom will help customers have a better understanding of why our German Door and Window Systems are different and better alternatives to other brands and why potential customers should opt for these modern systems over traditional doors and windows,” said Farid Khan.

“A customer can have all the details on his or her phone and imagine the systems, but to know how the systems actually look and function, they can know only by seeing them in their physical form and not just virtually. This is how this experience centre will be beneficial for our potential customers,” added Kamal Bajaj.

AluPure and Koemmerling are achieving new milestones, thanks to the long-term vision of the management that believes in not just developing advanced window and door systems, but also in making them easily available to the end-customers in minimum time, through the company’s wide network of channel partners. “Our authorized channel partners have skilled workforce trained by our expert engineers as per German guidelines for fabricating and installing doors and windows with utmost care and professionalism,” informed Bajaj.

profine India inaugurated its luxurious Experience Centre in Mumbai

“We have been investing at regular intervals - be it for devel-oping new products or establishing new infrastructure. This shows our commitment to our customers. At the same time, the growing demand for our products keeps pushing us to introduce new systems time and again. We will always remain responsive to market demand and build on this growing rela-tionship of trust,” said Farid Khan on the occasion.

In 2023, profine India added four showrooms in India (two in Chennai, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi) and plans to have 30 more showrooms this year, which will add to their existing showrooms across the country. At present, the company has more than 190 channel partners and the number is growing.