Sleek Boards spreads awareness of High-Performance Doors that are now the need of the hour with the Work From Home concept becoming the New Normal

Sleek Boards High Performance Doors - Need of Today

The last year of mandatory Work from Home has highlighted the poor performances from majority of the Doors with heavy distractions noticed by each and every one causing Low concentration levels and inefficiencies.

These doors are unable to deter noise penetration, leading to distraction, low concentration, and inefficiencies in one’s office work. Despite keeping the doors properly shut, the day-to-day household noises from TV sets, music systems, pressure cookers, mixers, blenders, and sounds of children playing, etc, are causing a high amount of noise pollution. Unfortunately, these sounds can be heard during video conferencing or during important phone calls.

Doors that are installed without considering noise penetration show poor performance as they fail to reduce the sound transmission from the outside to the inside.

Besides this, we are also ignoring commonly seen defects in doors like swelling, warping, and bending, and (unfortunately), considering them as natural characteristics of doors - the way we see potholes as an integral part of roads – when the fact is that the doors are of inferior quality and the roads are poorly constructed.

Sleek Boards High Performance Doors - Need of Today

Performance of Superior Quality, Well Constructed, Modern Doors
  • Guaranteed Impact Resistance of 20 kgs/cm2
  • Low Burning Rate for Non-FRD of minimum 20 minutes
  • Thickness Precision of +/-0.1 mm of the Infill offer doors with a perfect surface
  • No Bending or Warping
  • Climatic Stability
  • Acoustic Performance from 27 dB and above
  • Screw Holding of min. 50 kgs per fully threaded screw
  • Environment Friendly
  • Low Formaldehyde Emission
  • Ideal Weight
Sleek Boards High Performance Doors - Need of Today

In addition, Fire Doors for residential or apartment entrance/main doors offer dual performances with respect to Acoustics of minimum 34 dB together with 60 minutes Fire Rating.

Sauerland Spanplatte, Germany, brings to India its Globally Renowned technology for Performance Driven Doors

Sauerland Spanplatte from Germany is the world’s largest door component supplier, exporting to over 90 countries. It is producing more than 100,000 doors daily using the Sauerland technology.

The company believes that the true function of a door is fulfilled only when it provides Privacy of Sight + Privacy of Sound. Thus, to meet the current demand for high acoustic doors for professionals’ Work From Home lifestyle, Sauerland Spanplatte has launched globally accepted door solutions with its doors offering Acoustic Ratings from 27 dB up to 44 dB.

End-users can procure these high performing and aesthetically superior doors from Sauerland Spanplatte’s Indian partners from any part of the country.