KOEMMERLING uPVC windows and doors are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and come with appealing colour options. And they have always stood the test of time, “the reason why uPVC is now the most preferred and modern option for homeowners,” avers Amir Hashmi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, profine India Window Technology.

KOEMMERLING uPVC windows and doors provide enable properties to be highly energy-efficient, as they have a low carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are a measure of quantity of CO2 emitted by a household or an average person per the used resources. The more you use fuel and electricity in your house, the higher the carbon footprints.

profine India Window Technology

Since windows and doors made with uPVC come with better insulation, there is less need to use heating and cooling devices for a longer duration, as there are no gaps in the possible leakage areas of windows and doors due to their tight sealing and professional installation. To achieve better insulation, there are options of double or triple glazing, which further improves insulation and keeps the indoor environment comfortable for a longer duration. It decreases the need for air conditioners or room heaters for longer duration, which further helps in reducing electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Conserving Natural Resources
The biggest advantage of uPVC windows and doors is that they are 100% recyclable and can be used for production of profiles or other useful products. For several years now, all KOEMMERLING uPVC profiles are being produced with calcium-zinc stabilizers instead of lead. Calcium-zinc is a type of stabilizer that makes uPVC profiles even more resistant to the most aggressive weather conditions.

profine India Window Technology

Since uPVC is becoming a popular fenestration material, it has replaced timber as a source for windows and doors. This means that it has reduced the dependency on wood, which further leads to forest conservation. So, products like uPVC are considered eco-friendly as they help in reducing deforestation drastically.
Amir Hashmi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, profine India Window Technology
KOEMMERLING uPVC windows and doors have gained commendable popularity in the Indian fenestration industry due to their high quality and the many benefits they offer, including sustainability. As a premium brand of profine GmbH, Germany, KOEMMERLING uPVC profiles for window and door systems are backed by a legacy of over 100 years, and it is today positioned amongst the most trusted brands, globally.

Amir Hashmi

Dust and Sound Resistance: Due to professional installation with excellent sealing and multiple glazing options, environmental pollutants such as dust, sound, and smoke do not enter the house. This improves the indoor air quality by maintaining an optimum indoor environment inside, and there are no health hazards caused by pollutants and smoke entering the home.

Water Tightness: KOEMMERLING uPVC window and door systems have been successfully used in coastal and tropical environments without having any detrimental effect on their surface finish or performance. One of the main features is their resistance to driving rain and their joint tightness due to their profiles, which fulfil the demands of EN 12208 (resistance to driving rain).

profine India Window Technology

Long life and less maintenance: Modern technology used in KOEMMERLING uPVC window and door systems gives them a long service life. This makes them an excellent investment as they do not incur any maintenance costs. They do not rot, warp or corrode even in tropical and salty coastal climates.