With the use of imported hardwood, best-in-class European hardware, and superior finishes, Vanbros bespoke doors and windows are custom made with intricate detailing, and in a range of colors and finishes, informs Ishwinder Singh Vandal, Director, Vanbros Home

Durable, Maintenance-Free & Secure

European windows score on durability, security, and functionality. What sets them apart is their design, functionality, and quality. They are also long-lasting and low on maintenance. There are various types of European doors and windows now in India, with different manufacturing and functional aspects. For instance, the Tilt & Turn are very popular for their weatherproofing and security attributes. They can open in two ways in various degrees and can also be tilted. The Fixed and Openable type do not contain any mechanism to open them. They are airtight and allow ingress for light but not for ventilation. They can be designed in various forms with sashes in frames.

The Openable windows are traditionally wooden type, with concealed hardware and a safety handle. They also come into play where there is a barrier-free balcony door with a totally flat threshold.
In our projects we have used brands like NeuFenster, Gaulhofer, and Unilux, which like all reputed international brands maintain thermal efficiency, sun protection, sound insulation, provide security, and bring aesthetics to the doors and windows through innovations in design and style.

Ishwinder Singh Vandal, Director, Vanbros Home

The Lift & Slide door is distinctive in the way it is operated. As one turns the handle to open it, the door lifts off its seals requiring minimal effort to move and the door reconnects with the seal when the handle is moved into closing position. Used for large openings, these doors can be opened with one hand and closed with just the push of a finger. The doors have optimum sealing, making them the most energy-saving products. These doors use a special hardware for allowing the panels to lift off their tracks with a gliding movement for opening or closure. When it’s time to close the glass doors, the handle lowers the panels on the track for a tight fit. The Tilt & Open doors and windows have a similar mechanism, the difference being that instead of sliding the door you can open it like any other regular door/window.

Durable, Maintenance-Free & SecureVilla at Chattarpur Farms
Combination of Lift & Slide, Fixed Windows, and Arched Doorway defines the Colonial character of the elevation. The interior doors are in sync with the outdoor opening. Wooden balcony doors have customised details like fluting and open grain white finish that add grandeur

The Slide & Fold windows offer a combination of performance and aesthetics, with larger glass units offering panoramic views and enabling more natural light and ventilation. Since the panels open outward, there is no requirement to factor in space for the inside.

Durable, Maintenance-Free & SecureEstate at Aurangzeb Road
Custom door accessories like speakeasy grills, door handles that accentuate tall doorways & windows

Since European windows are designed for double and triple glazing, they enhance thermal and sound insulation efficiency. They can be easily equipped by using three panes of glass and filling the space between the panes with insulating gas. The high caliber between the vent and the frame reduces wear and tear significantly.These design innovations also augment the window’s sound diminishing properties, making superlative sound performance another key performance index of European windows and doors.

Durable, Maintenance-Free & SecureFarmhouse at Rangpuri
Combination of double openable doors and tilt & turn windows stained in warm walnut has been used in this indoor pool brick-clad outhouse

As regards the all-important aspect regarding security against forced entry, the Tilt & Turn windows have at least five hardened, metal locking pins (or bolts) installed around the perimeter of the vent. This mechanism, protected between the vent and the frame, provides extraordinary safety. The design of the locking mechanism also ensures waterproofing so that there is no chance of leakage with the movement of the windows.