AluPure introduces a premium interlock Sliding Door System with affordable tag

Majestic Sleek Sliding Doors

After the launch of its Opulenz Series in 2020 for the commercial segment, AluPure has introduced its Majestic series for residences. Designed to meet tough weather conditions (high wind load, water penetration, and air permeability parameters), it has minimal to no maintenance over its long service life.

The series comes with a 2- and a 3-track frame with SS guide rails and an inside lip. The sleek and minimal slightness of the frame provide wide opening and unobstructed view to the outdoors.

A sleek fly mesh sash is available as an optional feature. The interlock sliding door system can allow a maximum shutter size of 1.5 x 3 meters, with an interlock width of 33 mm and a depth of 120 mm. Higher security is ensured by a multiple locking system.

The glass thickness SG and DGU is up to 32 mm compared to the 19mm in Opulenz. What’s more, the sliding doors are available in multiple colour options through powder and anodized coating solutions, besides being low maintenance, eco-friendly, and non-flammable.

The rollers can bear loads up to 300 kg. Its water tightness adheres to Class 7A – EN 12208 standard. Its air infiltration rating adheres to the European standards of Class 3A – EN 12207, providing users energy saving by ensuring that the air-conditioned air does not leak out. Being an aluminum product, AluPure systems are 100% recyclable. AluPure is offering a 10-year warranty on the series.
Farid Khan, Director & CEO, AluPure
Majestic is the outcome of the synergy between our Indian and German R&D teams and their use of advanced technology. I am confident that this series will be well accepted by our Indian customers as the product, though of premium quality, is highly affordable, and has great aesthetic value as well.

Farid Khan, Director & CEO, AluPure

AluPure, a brand of profine India, offers premium quality aluminium sliding doors and window systems installed in superior quality aluminium frames. Having had an exceptionally double-digit growth during the past two years, the company is now planning to target the upper middle-class segment in South and East India with its newly launched Majestic window systems. It also plans to extend the brand’s reach to the UAE and New Zealand in the coming years.