uPVC Doors & Windows: New Choice of Millennials

The current market trends show a shift towards the use of uPVC doors and windows owing to their numerous advantages, making them increasingly popular with the new generation. These cost-effective and low maintenance products are now being widely used globally. Their appeal also lies in the aesthetics, their superb insulation properties, durability, a longer lifespan, and easy installation.

Over the last few years, uPVC installations have taken over their wooden counterparts in many homes and offices. While wooden windows require yearly sanding, varnishing, and repainting for their upkeep, uPVC windows do not require such cumbersome tasks. They are also corrosion and termite resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Plus, they can match any interiors – new or old.

For the new generation looking for a conventional look and feel, Aluplast has launched woodec surfaces – a range of window finishes with a natural wooden look and feel. woodec comes with an innovative scratch-resistant graining and a sand-matt feel of powder-coated aluminium. It is practical yet stylish and can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces. Unlike real wood windows, woodec does not rot, corrode, fade or rust. With its remarkable insulation properties, it keeps living spaces cozy by minimizing cooling loss and also saving on energy bills.

uPVC Doors & Windows: New Choice of Millennials

To address concerns the world over for conserving nature and minimizing production waste, Aluplast follows the motto ‘Think Green, Go Green’. Its production of woodec ensures low use of resources and it is also recycling production waste. Unnecessary consumption of resources is controlled through production batch sizes tailored to specific requirements.

One of the unique selling points of woodec is that it looks and feels exactly like real wood. Its scratch resistant surface makes it look like new for decades. The range is available in four trendy finishes: turner oak malt, turner oak toffee, sheffield oak alpine, and sheffield oak concrete.