Besides fenestration, Lingel is offering endless options ranging from pergolas, awnings, skylights to glass conservatories. Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies, shares the special features of their window systems

Lingel White UPVC

What new trends do you see in door and window systems?
Customers are more aware of the options available to them and are now more demanding. Though UPVC has been the most sought-after product, aluminium is gaining popularity and many customers are opting for it. The oak wood is also another premium material that is entering the premium segment and clients with villas are considering it as a material for its superior look.

As regards colour, customers are becoming very experimental and open to other shades besides white and brown. The colour palette can now range from snow white to dark grey, walnut, and light grey. In the coming years we will have to be open to experiment with shades of red and blue, which is the trend in the west.

What special features does Lingel windows offer?
All Lingel windows are airtight. But it is not just solutions for dust and noise that customers are looking for but a complete solution. We have introduced a new product that provides complete security as well. For glazing, the following security glazing systems can be opted for: LPG 14 Lingel Panzer Glazing 14mm - a multilayer security glass; and LPG 18 Lingel Panzer Glazing 18 mm superior performance glass.
Mario Schmidt
Manufacturers are catering to customer demand for windows that reduce noise and dust, have thermal insulation, and strong glazing and mesh for additional safety; this is a positive trend for both new and refurbishing projects in India

Mario Schmidt

Lingel Safety box 2 (LBS 2) is our highest point of locking security. RC2 and RC3 as per ENI627-30 it means that resistant glass to hardware. The introduction of the mortise locking system is an additional feature that can be provided to customers.

Thermal insulated glass can considerably reduce heat loss and help save electricity bills. Double or triple glazing can be used. To ensure that radiated heat is reduced, we recommend use of glass with a low-emissivity or low-E coating. Also, appropriate shading solutions can be aptly used. A pergola or a venetian blind can be a great solution for thermal solution. However, expert advice is important when looking for the right options.

UPVC track door, Sliding window, Wood Casement window

Lingel windows have an insect net that achieves the impossible task of protecting people against ingress of insects, while providing natural ventilation as well. The mesh is more efficient in keeping insects out as compared to the traditional mesh shutters seen in wooden windows and doors. At the same time, the mesh provides security against break-ins as it is so strong that even hammers, baseball, or cricket bats cannot break it.