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Modern fenestration products are being designed to offer an array of noise insulation, weather resistant and energy-saving solutions, informs Saket Jain, Business Head – Fenesta Building Systems.

Modern fenestration products

In earlier years, windows and doors played a purely functional role. Today, functionality is one aspect only as such products are also making a style statement. Moreover, windows and doors have emerged as crucial elements in the protection of homes, its occupants and in conserving precious energy.

Fenestration companies today are offering designing, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of precision-engineered, 100% customised, extremely energy-efficient uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. The design of the products that enable noise insulation, protection from dust and pollution, weather, and storm resistance.

Noise barrier: Windows and doors are usually the weakest point of noise insulation in the home and the problem gets worse with traditional windows or doors which have gaps even when closed. Products made with multi-chambered profiles and fusion welded joints will improve overall sealing. Further, multiple point locking systems and double seals ensure casement windows and doors are tightly shut to cut out external noise. Gaps between window unit and the wall are also filled with a special silicone sealant. When closed, the windows and doors block outside disturbances, enhancing the quality of life. The windows can also be fitted with laminated or double-glazed laminated glass that reduces external noises manifold. This has become especially necessary during the pandemic as many people are working from their homes.
Saket Jain, Fenesta
The right window and door design can not only transform the façade of the house, but also protect the home. With the right design, you can keep out the noise, dust, rain, and pollution, along with getting better control over the rising energy costs

Saket Jain, Fenesta

Weather resistance: Sudden storms and gale-force winds have emerged as a regular phenomenon due to the vagaries of climate change. But modern fenestration solutions are wholly wind-load compliant. For example, a high wind-load factor ensures such windows/doors can resist sustained pressure from stormy winds. In places particularly prone to sudden storms or dust storms, wind-load compliant solutions offer peace of mind throughout the year, even in times of cyclones. Innovative solutions are available for providing protection, ensuring no rattling frames, or whistling sounds, while increasing the safety and security of the home. The frame of the window is strengthened from within by steel reinforcements to provide a tough exterior to all frames and sashes. Further, the products can be reinforced with a hurricane bar that can bear wind speeds up to 250 km/hr.

Modern fenestration products

Improving home security: Windows and doors should be sturdy enough to enhance home security against unwanted intrusions and break-ins. But they also need to be elegant and aesthetically pleasing and allow natural sunlight and fresh breeze around the house. In villas and low-rise buildings, open, unsecured or weak windows/doors can be an easy invitation to burglars. Therefore, they should be outfitted with grills on sills, with the flexibility to fix any grill design. These can be retrofitted or removed while servicing the windows. Another option is grills on uPVC frames, which are fixed on the sill using a grill adaptor.

Additional features Backed by the science of safety and the art of aesthetics, these modern products are modular and can be customised in attractive shapes and sizes as per the preferences and budget, without compromising on quality. The best-insulated homes are not only cooler in summer but also help save electricity cost arising out of running ACs
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