EKOTimber: Crafting Lasting Impressions

Raghav Agarwal
Raghav Agarwal, Managing Partner, EKOTimber, explains why WPC doors and door frames are a better alternative to conventional doors in terms of sturdiness, lifespan, and aesthetics, and how installing them with a ready-to-use kit makes them cost-effective

Mumbai-based EKOTimber Tech Wood Plastic Composites LLP is a leading manufacturer in India of a wide range of WPC building materials. The company's cutting-edge innovations and stringent quality control have led to the development of a host of building products, such as doors and door frames, foam boards, and architectural fins, whose usp lies in their being long lasting while retaining their strength and aesthetics, in keeping with the brand's tagline ‘Stays Strong - Lifelong'.
Our WPC products reduce felling of trees and are recyclable, which makes them a very sustainable building material for the construction industry. Given their numerous advantages, we are confident that WPC doors and door frames are set to become the first choice of architects, interior designers and real estate developers

Door Frames

The company's WPC kitted door frames are built to be as dense as real wood. They can be worked upon with the same technique and tools as used for natural wood as they have a high screw and nail holding capacity. The door frames have numerous advantages over natural wood and are cost-effective too. Unlike doors made from natural wood, WPC doors do not crack, splinter or deform during installation/construction.

Door Frame Kit

The company's customer service includes installation and after sales service, and a lifetime warranty on the products.


EKOTimber doors, made of multi-cavity WPC, are superior than conventional doors in terms of finishes, strength and lifespan, plus they are lighter than solid wood doors and more aesthetic too. Since they have good sound insulation, they provide privacy and protection against external noise.

Extra support is provided for hinge holding and lock installation, which makes them sturdier and more durable. Pre-hung options are available with a wide variety of locks and hardware to choose from. The doors have a real-wood like appearance, besides which they are environment-friendly, as the WPC materials of EKOTimber are formaldehyde and lead-free.

EKO Timber

EKO timber doors come in various finishes to suit any interior design, and are being used in residences, offices and commercial buildings. For facility owners looking to create a low carbon footprint and gain carbon credits for their business, EKO Timber products are perceived as the best choice.

Advantages of WPC doors and door frames  
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