Lingel Launches High-End Aluminium Window System

Lingel has launched its new Lingel 6.0, a high-end aluminium window system fabricated in India to match the expected market price of the already available aluminum system. For the first time in India, Lingel 6.0 is successfully using the uPVC hardware range for Lingel aluminium windows, which have a multi–point locking system and guarantee 100% sealing.
Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies
“A higher-end aluminium is replacing the low-end version of aluminium, and more technology has been added to the new product, with enhanced features that include an increase in lifespan, more safety, easier operation, new design options for larger openings, and energy saving due to much better sealing. With our 6.0, Lingel will be again seen as a pioneer in this segment, which has just started getting recognized, and which is going to scale up in future,” says Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies

The new product development is considered a milestone, since the synergy of both the systems, that is, uPVC and aluminium, is taking the product to an unmatched level. All hardware and glazing systems can be used, just as in uPVC and aluminium.

Casement Highlights
  • 60 mm wide section for frame and shutter
  • 2 mm outer wall thickness
  • Glued corner connector
  • Corner connector’s machinery presses to join the profiles and connector
  • SS grade and glued corner angles connector for all outer corners
  • First in industry-Z mullion used for outside/ inside glazing
  • Lingel SS grade hardware
Additional Design Options
  • All of Lingel’s successful uPVC hardware range can be used
  • Heavy-duty friction hinges upto 50 kg per panel can be fitted
  • Chambers can be steel reinforced for additional strength of hardware
  • Glass thickness up to 36 mm.