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The market for mesh screens for doors, windows and other openings, is seeing new developments in design and material as end-users look for customized solutions.

Mesh Screen For Doors Windows
Iron grills and metal nets on windows have long given way to the sophisticated mesh screens with retractable systems. These are being widely used in hotels, healthcare centres, corporate offices and residences to cover windows, doors, balconies, and terraces. These mesh systems provide protection against insects, dust, etc, while preserving the aesthetics of the space. They also permit ingress of fresh air and day light, and enable an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Sandeep Sasi Sky Industries
Sandeep Sasi
Suppliers of mesh screens are offering customized solutions as per application area and space. Sky Industries Ltd, which has been providing screens for over two decades, has introduced eight printed design-build nets, and six more are in the pipeline. "The imported fiberglass nets offer options for customization in design," informs Sandeep Sasi, Business Development Manager, Sky Industries. "The company is one of the oldest suppliers (since 1994) of plain nets, and we were still dealing in the conventional plain nets, which people no longer find appealing. Now we have come up with these aesthetically pleasing screens. For printing, we have a few experienced vendors because the job is not so easy. We hope to make an impact on the fabricators and installers of doors and windows with our designer screens." He informs that the designer insect screen series have been crafted for maximum protection; they have the necessary dimensional stability and durability, and are washable.

Awesome Designs, a leading supplier of screening systems since 2006, offers high quality screens in association with international brands like Phifer of USA, Green Web from Germany; D' Décor Fabrics, Dooya in China, and Shy in UK. "We import wire-mesh from USA, while other components come from Germany and South Korea and are assembled in India," informs Harpreet Singh, Director-CEO, Awesome Designs.

Phifer Board line
The Phifer broad line of screens can be used on windows, doors, porches and in larger openings such as pools and patio enclosures. The screens are woven from metal wire (aluminium or bronze), and fiberglass or polyester yarns, and are Microban and Greenguard-certified. While annual re-certification from Greenguard guarantees the product's low-emission attribute; Microban protection inhibits the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping the screens cleaner for longer periods.

"To reach out to product specifiers, we have to be in tune with the latest trend and demand in the market. This, in turn, helps us develop new products to meet the industry's requirements. A dedicated team keeps them abreast of our latest offerings. We also offer services like private labeling, custom packaging, and free samples to our clients who are largely in Delhi-NCR and Madhya Pradesh. Our products are exported worldwide to clients such as Hotel Taj, RHC Holdings, Religare, and Bosch & Lomb," informs Singh.

Jitender Bhati
Jitender Bhati
Insect Shield
Insect Shield, operational since 2001, has emerged as a premium insect screen provider. It specialises in Retractable and Collapsible insect screens that can be fitted on any shape and size of windows, doors, decks, patios, porches, gazebos, balconies, and sun rooms. They operate effortlessly with all types of windows and doors while offering maximum protection. The company's new roll down insect mesh system comprises a spring-loaded mechanism from Germany and a fibre glass mesh from USA. A gear controls this hydraulic roller mesh system in a smooth, regulated fashion. "The system is more economical than wooden shutters and ensures clear visibility, better ventilation, besides being space-saving. It is very easy to install and can be adapted to wooden, aluminium or uPVC frames. It is ideal for kids' rooms, hospitals, classrooms, clubs, etc," says Jitender Bhati of Insect Shield.

The company's range of made-to-measure insect screens offer options like pleating, roller, chain-based, etc, in different sizes (maximum 6.00 mtr width x 3.00 mtr height) and are easy to install and use. The company uses VELCRO® fasteners and fiberglass mesh. "Our anti-insect aluminium roller blinds are available with manual (chain, spring or crank) and motorised operation, and we have different models for specific requirements. We have installed over 3 lakh screens so far," adds Bhati.

Savan Gajjar
Savan Gajjar
Krishna Architectural Products claims to be the only motorised solution provider for screen systems, using high-quality branded motors. "For our NetmosR, we use brands like Somfy from France, Lutron from US, and Toso from Japan, which come with five-year manufacturing warranty. We are the only suppliers in India of these mosquito-net systems that can be integrated with home automation systems as well. We specialise in customised solutions with options in aluminium and uPVC profiles in white, and wooden profiles along with varied fibre-glass mesh. Our screen systems are aesthetically appealing and backed by environment-friendly material. Skilled workmanship facilitate quick instillation. The easy-to-maintain, UV-tested fibreglass mesh are a perfect fit for any exterior application in homes, hospitals, hotels, colleges, resorts, food processing units, commercial spaces, offices, etc," informs Savan Gajjar.

Harshal Oswal
Harshal Oswal
Meshworkz screens with extruded aluminum profiles, corrosion resistant finishes, and quality plastic components, are designed to last a lifetime, according to Harshal Oswal of Kelegent MetalPlast India Pvt. Ltd., that deals in mosquito nets and screens and provides installation services too. Meshworkz offerings include Vertical Retractable System for small openings and vents, Horizontal Retractable System for balcony doors, Pleated Screen Systems for wide openings, and Eco Series, a cost-effective solution for any opening.

"All these categories provide a very elegant screening solution that match the interiors and ensure that the view outside is not blocked. The screens blend seamlessly with the window, and go out of sight when not in use. They come in a variety of colours and sizes to accommodate all window and door sizes, and can be mounted inside the windows/doors or on the face of the frame," says Oswal.

Vertical screens measuring 1100 x 1100 mm are meant for windows and for casements – aluminium, uPVC and wooden, tilt and turn, French, and top hung windows. The horizontal ones can go upto 2100 x 2100 mm, depending on the given height and width ratio and are designed for single/double doors, French doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, and balcony doors. For in-swing or out-swing door types, the screens meet in the center and are held in place with magnets.

Blockfly by Beautex Industries

"The powder-coated systems are available in all standard RAL shades in anodized finish, and there are about 45 shades in wooden finish. With bottom track options of 8 mm for doors of small size and low threshold, 25 mm for medium-sized doors, and 40 mm for large doors in windy regions, we can meet any requirement and any budget. The company has years of experience in designing and manufacturing fly screen systems, and is supporting the fenestration industry with its quality products," adds Oswal.

Beautex Industries' Blockffly is a high quality mosquito screen system based on Italian technology in collaboration with designer Lucia Di Francesco. It ensures a mosquito-free zone, provides proper ventilation, comfortable vision, and is easy to operate by children and elders. The pleated mosquito screen mechanism has features such as zero bottom with lateral and vertical sliding movements, a 4-mm track at floor level, and overall dimensions are only 22 mm. The system provides a smooth and pleasant sliding movement, wind resistance, energy savings, and acoustic insulation. The screen comes in 13 different colours and in special metalized and anti-pollen versions. It is easy to disassemble and wash. Unlike spring-operated insect screens, pleated insect screens always work, even after long periods of inactivity, as there are no mechanisms or boxes. According to the company, the Blockffly mosquito screen that comes in 5 different typologies to cater to requirements of all kinds of window elevations, needs zero maintenance, and can be installed in 5 simple steps.