Manish Bansal
"Strength, lifespan, and aesthetics in building products are the main parameters while making a choice, greener options become a preferred alternative for today's highly aware generation of users," Manish Bansal, MD, Window Magic India

uPVC is the new age windows and doors manufacturing technology in India, and an eco-friendly alternative for wooden windows, and is pocket-friendly too. uPVC windows and doors are fully recyclable. If reports are to be believed, an average European PVC production plant would need to be operating for 30,000 years to produce the same amount of dioxins generated on one bonfire night.

Window Magic

Window Magic completely believes in the 'go green' ideology and has a thought process that every little step taken towards going green counts. Window Magic's uPVC windows and doors are completely recyclable containing green line calcium zinc for eco friendliness. In fact, uPVC is also economical as compared to wood, metal, etc. Lesser use of wood for making windows and doors means lesser trees being chopped, which in turn lessens deforestation.

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The physical and chemical properties of uPVC make it a green material. The products can be reshaped into other useful products at high temperatures. The waste material produced during manufacturing can be reprocessed. The energy used for extrusion process is relatively low compared to other materials. uPVC does not conduct heat and therefore it does not transfer temperature from inside to outside or vice versa. The windows allow natural light to enter the building so that there is less dependence on electric lights during the day. A house or an office fully equipped with uPVC helps in saving up to 20% of the total electricity cost.

uPVC also scores high above its traditional counterparts because of its high-quality surface-finish, soft-contoured profiles, and the variety of styles, all of which have made uPVC a popular choice amongst architects, interior designers, builders, and users.