PVD Finish Mortice Handle
Success of product design in all the parameters proves an excellent craftsmanship of its creator. Every year, to appreciate design masterpieces, India Design Council invites design entries, evaluates them and rewards the most unique designs with the I-mark.

I-Mark is the symbol of excellent design in terms of form, functionality, quality, safety, aesthetics, and innovation. It is awarded by India Design Council formed by Government of India and holds a huge prestige in Design and Architecture Fraternity.

Kich, a renowned brand in architectural products, has recently won the I-Mark for its premium category product PVD finish Mortice Handles. Fine finish & aesthetically appealing design of PVD finish Mortice Handles is the core feature for which Kich has won the most coveted title, I-mark. Apart from this recent achievement, Kich has also won I-Mark thrice in the past. By winning I-Mark for the fourth time, Kich has again proved its unparalleled craftsmanship which aptly combines design aspects and technical elements.

PVD finish Mortice Handle
In the form of PVD finish Mortice Handles, unique design has been presented with elegance. Its glittering finish is sure to adore your premises with charm. Amazing yet practical design of these PVD finish Mortice Handles is the symbol of subtle craftsmanship of Kich. With the superior quality PVD finish, these Mortice Handles maintain excellent colour consistency for a very long time. These PVD finish Mortice Handles are also able to minimize friction and withstand high temperature.

Bharat Hapani
"We are always committed to deliver unique product designs to our customers. Kich PVD finish Mortice Handle is an attempt to deliver unique design along with high aesthetics. Its finish is elegant enough to adorn the premises and express grandeur. I sincerely thank India Design Council for acknowledging and rewarding product design of Kich PVD finish Mortice Handles. It is really inspiring and will empower us to deliver better and better designs in the future. I also congratulate Kich Design Team for such a prestigious achievement and I express my deepest gratitude towards all the patrons for supporting brand Kich at various levels." quoted Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd. while sharing I-mark success story with us.

MGS Architecture also congratulate Kich for such a glorifying success. Winning I-mark for four times is really a great achievement. We hope this winning streak will never stop and customers will keep on getting more powerful designs along the way. Bravo Kich.