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Ozone Automatically Operated Door Systems

The world has seen a marvelous evolution of architectural and construction ideas in the recent past. However, due to scarcity of space and resources the idea of developing a building revolves around maximizing space, creating world class ambience and having sustainable construction which is safe & user- friendly.

The façade of any building speaks everything about the thought and attitude inside it. Similarly, however, good and interesting the building might be from outside, its entrance system has to be perfect, functional, safe and designed according to the traffic requirement in and out of the building.

Ozone Automated Doors

All modern buildings have now switched to automatically operated door systems, which are extremely successful entrance systems, especially for buildings with heavy traffic movement. Revolving Glass Doors are installed due to the varied security and user benefits other than imparting a spectacular appearance to the entrance. From saving energy to acting as security door, automatic doors offer a wealth of benefits. These doors have Safety Micro switches which, stops the door at its place when met resistance while revolving to prevent accidents. Revolving doors act as security door like on airports for preventing a person by-passing the security checks. Also, Security personnel can remotely control automatic doors & can grant access to selective traffic or deactivate it. Available with automatic & manual operating system, these doors are effective energy-efficient solutions by minimizing the building's heating or air-conditioning losses.

Considering the numerous benefits of the revolving doors, Ozone provides Revolving Glass Door Systems suitable for performing heavy duty functions and has been built with high quality system to ensure safety and efficient functioning. Prioritizing the safety concerns of its users, an Anti-Squeeze Function has been integrated in this system to avoid any mishaps. Speed adjustment features are also provided in the system for allowing user flexibility to change or adjust revolving doors/panels speeds as per expected traffic movement. Ozone's technical support team provides end-to-end solution to its clients for revolving glass doors.

Revolving Glass Doors

Revolving Glass Doors see wider acceptability with increasing number of world-class commercial establishments & infrastructure buildings and usage of modern materials, techniques & technology in constructing these architectural spaces.
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