Designer Doors Handles from Ozone

Designer Doors Handles from Ozone

A beautiful and secure home is the dream of every home owner and to get this dream true one has to get the right kind of door design with matching lever handle and a secure lock. Sensing this need of its discerning customers, Ozone, a leading brand in the architectural
Window Protection From Solar - Radiations

Window Protection From Solar - Radiations

Present-day buildings are generally found uncomfortably hot during sunny periods because of excessive solar heat input. The heat entry into the living space could be retarded by adoption of thick walls and roofs considerably. But summer overheating problems is appear

WINDOW MAGIC Brings Real Magic in Lives

WINDOW MAGIC, one of the pioneers in uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) windows and doors industry in India, has brought in, a new Dimension in the field of Architecture. Being set up in 2002 with technical known-how of Profine Group of Germany which is the
Cora uPVC Performance Window

SCL Introduces Cora uPVC Performance Window

Cora uPVC Performance Window has given Indian architects & builders a plethora of choices & innovations-in-design, never seen before in the Indian fenestration industry. Being a quality product, these windows are built tough to give you and your family enhanced
Sustainable Door & Window Solutions

Pella Corporation Brings Sustainable Door & Window Solutions in India

Mr. John M Sullivan, Head of International Business, Pella Corporation, said, “With premier design standards, quality and high-end features, Pella promotes exclusivity in terms of quality of its product, appeal and international design standards, promising an unmatched way
Pella Corporation

Pella Corporation Announces its Forays in the Indian Market

Pella windows and doors are 83% more energy efficient. When properly selected and installed, Pella energy-efficient windows and doors help your home stay warmer in the winters and reduce cold air leaks inside. It keeps the house cool in extensive heat or humid
Lingel's Doors & Windows

Lingel's Doors & Windows Technically Advanced and Aesthetically Pleasing

German based Lingel, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors & windows brings fresh and aesthetic beauty to homes/buildings whether it's new or old. With its manufacturing units both in Europe and India, the company produces energy efficient
GEZE solutions in the healthcare sector

GEZE solutions in the healthcare sector - competence in door, window and safety technology

Toilets and sanitary areas require barrier-free, secure doors, which prevent access from outside when the toilet or bath is in use, particularly in the case of people with limited
Smart Reset Heavy Duty Automatic Flexible Door

Gandhi Automations Presents Smart Reset Heavy Duty Automatic Flexible Door

Smart being simple, reliable, compact and practical but is uncompromising on quality. It has been designed in order to produce a very practical and highly modular high-speed door to simplify installation and to allow all the components to be easily operated. Sturdy and comp
The Dock Levelers

Gandhi Automations Offers The Dock Levelers From Campisa

The dock levelers are steel platforms connecting the dock (to which they are hinged) to the truck bed of the vehicle, allowing the fork lift trucks to load the goods by getting on them. During all the loading operations, the dock leveler is only an inert bridge which follows
Automatic Industrial Overhead Doors

Gandhi Automations Offers Automatic Industrial Overhead Doors

India's leading entrance automations & loading bay equipment company Gandhi automations introduces automatic industrial overhead doors, an ideal solution for all industrial needs. The doors are weather resistant and provide maximum safety. Their compact size
Interchangeable Section Rapid Roll-up Doors

Gandhi Automation Offers Interchangeable Section Rapid Roll-up Doors

Sector, Smart and Flash CS are safe, suitably designed and accessorized doors. They comply with the strictest international standards. Focusing on basics, low maintenance and environmental protection, Gandhi Automations doors are available in different designs
Weather-proof UPVC Windows

Fenesta’s Weather-proof UPVC Windows

Fenesta’s range of UPVC windows are precision engineered to counter wind loads up to 3000 Pa (249 km/h), a commonly faced problem in highrise buildings during extreme weather conditions. They can also withstand the brunt of heavy monsoon showers. The system is made
Fenestrations: uPVC vs Aluminium

Fenestrations: uPVC vs Aluminium

The term 'fenestration' is derived from the word 'fenestra' in Latin terminology and is used to refer to facades and openings (typically doors and windows) in buildings and wall envelopes. Although faced with numerous challenges, the Indian fenestration industry
Window Shopping More than Aesthetics

Window Shopping More than Aesthetics

Overcoming several concerns raised by traditional fenestration materials like wood, steel, aluminum etc are Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) doors and window systems. Also commonly known as rigid PVC, the material is extremely popular in global markets

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