Security By Design

Crime prevention through environmental design' in an inclusive concept that evidence proves, it works.

Safety is an attitude that supports prevention and advocates readiness to deal with possible crisis. Rising anti-social incidences and natural calamities are forcing a growing consideration of inculcating security and safety measures at the design development stage itself. This requirement has moved up from the fortresses of military architecture or the secret hidden paths of the king's castle to the stage of becoming a part of environmental design and securing the most humble of private and public property.

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping
A default concern for businesses like software–companies it's rare to make security considerations an inseparable part of other environments, specifically private properties like home and businesses. Accident, crime prevention and security are no longer synonymous with law enforcement agencies. The concept is expanding to include individuals, neighborhoods, local authorities and planners. Appropriate design of individual dwellings and their relationship with one another and to the surrounding neighborhood can all play a part in preventing crime. Seeing that most accidents occur at home, the design of a building, construction methods, materials, finishes, appliances and maintenance all influence home safety.

Security Without Tears
Security by design is an idea that is well established in European countries. There are processes to get professional certification for homes and businesses. Programs are also initiated and supported by agencies like the police. In India, it is more of a personal choice or a local community initiative that increases awareness. Though this is changing, more often than not these initiatives are a kneejerk reaction to an incident in the area rather than by forethought.

Inside Outside

So how do you decide whether your property is safe? Simple, plan to break in—think like a burglar. What would you do? What are the most accessible points? What are the burglar–friendly habits of your family? In case of a fire, what options do you have? If you are buying a ready structure, ask for the security measures included in the design. Minimal or no dark recesses around the house, clear views of walkways are some of the elements to be avoided.

Anti skid flooring
Installing standard door and window products with reliable locks make a good first move. Fire escapes may be secured but not hampered for movement in case of a fire. Adequate lighting around the area makes offenders feel vulnerable. Functional boundaries and fencing stall– free movement on to the premises.

Best Interiors

Inside the building, the inclusion of antiskid flooring in wet areas, fire retardant materials in areas like the kitchen, safe and insulated electrical wiring need insistence while designing. Ergonomics and safe product considerations offer health security in the long run. Safety valves and thermostats for hot water geysers, rounding of edges, child-safe medicine cabinets, stable furniture are some of the features that should be considered in the design and fitment purchase stages.