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Steel and concrete are the materials of the future.
Building materials and construction techniques keep on changing with new technologies, innovations, and greater understanding of their application potential. Steel and concrete were initially being used in isolation but in the current times we are using both these versatile materials together, and with a composite dialogue between them, their performance has been highlighted even more.

When steel and concrete are put together, they can work on modulation basis, and since now-a-days, 90% of project execution is being done at the site, including the fabrication and assembly of the building components, the two materials are enabling precast / prefabricated construction. With the use of precast concrete, prefabricated concrete, and post-tension concrete, the construction is faster, more economical and of superior quality.

Creative GroupChennai Airport

Technological innovations and engineering are adding new dimensions to construction and are enabling the creation of architecture as engineering marvels.
Steel and concrete are especially desirable for constructing large scale projects with large spans, and using the latest technology for creating column-less open spaces, such as in railway stations, airports, metro stations, stadiums, large office complexes, etc. About 15 years ago, in our first global project – the Chennai Airport - we had the largest cantilever of 25 meters and large steel trusses in the terminal building, and half a meter diameter pipe of 16mm thickness that was hot bent, for the first time in India. We are using steel and concrete girders in flyovers, the thinnest girders of about 400 mm thickness with 80 mm wafers, hollow girders, and box sections in steel cured concrete.

Creative GroupKongu Engineering College

A combination of steel and concrete can give rise to many creative ideas and solutions. These materials are extremely effective and maintenance free, and the challenge lies in looking into their various technical aspects during application and for building structures with long lifespans.